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Brianna Wu is John Walker Flynt. There are irrefutable court documents that show the history of Wu's aliases, several of which were covered in this reveal. Despite Brianna Wu's persistent claims of having been born a woman, all evidence would indicate that they were born the son of one Laura Flynt and Doctor Joel Flynt, and grew up in a life of considerable economic advantage, before becoming a woman in his late twenties. Although diagnosable Gender Dysphoria is a real medical condition, and transgenderism itself is an increasingly well understood phenomenon rarely worthy of discussion, Wu has constantly lied about their condition. Brianna Wu has used her newly crafted gender identity to justify many things that she does by using life experiences she provably does not actually have.[1]

Her claimed personal history is demonstrably false and she has fabricated a convoluted cover-story for it that defies credibility. She has gone to ludicrous degrees to prevent this information from getting out. On Twitter, for instance, posting an image of Wu before and after her reassignment is enough to get an account locked down or even suspended.

Evidence that John Walker Flynt and Brianna Wu are the same person

John Walker Flynt and Brianna Wu are conclusively provable as being one and the same.

Business-Related Similarities

The Front Cover of Socially Unconscious features some familiar faces...

Brianna Wu and John Flynt have a number of similarities in the way they operate and react when it comes to how they manage their businesses and business-related endeavors.

Both Flynt and Wu have largely bankrolled their works on other peoples' dime; Flynt's SOCCON was financed by his wealthy parents, whereas Wu's Revolution 60 was primarily financed by Frank Wu and a long-time associate of the pair.

Both Flynt and Wu have a similar fundamental misunderstanding of how customer-bases work. Flynt was well-established on making fun of anyone critical of Socially Unconscious even as the comic quickly became reviled in the Millsaps Purple and White, rather famously claiming that the readership would blindly accept his comic without question. Similarly, Brianna Wu is openly abrasive towards any legitimate criticism of her game and on multiple occasions has claimed that Revolution 60 and its hideous over-reliance on Quick-Time Events is backed by actual science and its using them in place of a compelling narrative and indeed, actual gameplay is perfectly fine for a game gunning at a mainstream audience.

Multiple advertisements and promotional materials from both John Flynt and Brianna Wu quote one another verbatim. One of the more famous SOCCON advertisements reads "Only Fools Mess with the Gals of Socially Unconscious," whereas Brianna's bio section on the Susan's Place forums reads "Only Fools Mess with Brianna." The sales pitches for both SOCCON and Revolution 60 are very similar as well, with Flynt's sales pitch letters often describing Socially Unconscious as "Sex in the City meets Seinfeld," and Revolution 60 having a sales pitch billing it as Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect.

Finally, and perhaps most critically: both Revolution 60 and Socially Unconscious feature the same characters, most notably Minuete and Allison Holiday, easily recognizable not only by name but by their highly distinctive appearances - if you believe thus that Brianna Wu and John Walker Flynt are not, in fact, the same people, then Brianna Wu is outright guilty of plagarism. Of particular note is one of SOCCON's earliest websites, which prominently features Minuete, as well as images of Allison Holiday, Brea Anamata, and Lani Cameron.[2]

During the March 31st, 2016 investigation into Wu's background. It was learned that Socially Unconsciuous Productions is a "Corporate Affiliate" of Giant SpaceKat Studios.

Physical Similarities

Brianna Wu next to Doctor Joel Flynt.

Brianna Wu and John Walker Flynt have a virtually identical facial structure - chin and eye angle, nose shape, head structure, and the fact that Wu has a notable scar where Flynt had an Adam's Apple are all blatant evidence. Many who are familiar with Brianna find her unusual appearance a bit odd - many times, individuals who have undergone hormone therapy and SRS usually undergo more dramatic physiological changes to their facial structure.

The reason for this is mostly likely because John provably began his transitioning relatively late in life - when he was 29 - and, as evidenced by multiple articles on it, hormone therapy works better if done at younger ages, making changes to the face during transitioning relatively minimal. Wu's physical proportions are, as a general rule, not what one would consider especially feminine, as Wu is particularly tall, as John Flynt before her was. She has lost considerable weight since transitioning - over 160 pounds - but even with this, she has enough commonalities with her pre-transition identity to be obvious.

Physical similarities also cast serious doubts on the claim that Brianna Wu was adopted. John Walker Flynt happens to look substantially like Joel Flynt - John's father, with a similar, facial structure in general. The similarity to Brianna Wu, who has a thinner face profile is less pronounced, but no less visible.

Coincidental Similarities

This tagline also was used by Brianna Wu on the Susan's Place Forums.[3]

Both Wu and Flynt have a number of subsidiary similarities as well.

Both Wu and Flynt have a demonstrated inability to take criticism. Flynt tended to openly mock those critical of SOCCON in the comic itself, whereas Wu tends to accuse people telling her things she doesn't wish to hear of mansplaining.

Both Flynt and Wu have a tendency to self-aggrandize and make their personal failures out to be successes (Flynt with Socially Unconscious, Brianna Wu with Revolution 60). Both projects have been disastrous failures (SOCCON was a $200,000 failure; Giant Spacekat lost well over $200,000 on Revolution 60).

Both Flynt and Wu have maintained the veneer of their works being successful by use of claiming outright lies. Flynt, for Socially Unconscious, rather notably claimed that the comic had seen syndication across multiple newspapers, had been made into a radio drama, was in the process of getting a movie deal, and had been featured in a famous magazine that Wu never would have seen the light of day in.

During the heyday of Socially Unconscious, one of the main protagonists was a character named "Brea Anatamata." The sales pitch for Election Eve featured this character and described her as a "funky spacekat princess." The term "spacekat" is used very often by John Flynt, and likewise, by Brianna Wu as well, whose Twitter title, in fact, is "Spacekatgal," and whose development studio is, in fact, called "Giant SpaceKat Studios".[4] As if to further the implications of commonality between Brianna and John Flynt in this regard, the character name "Brea Anatamata," said quickly, comes across as "Brianna Mata," furthering the belief of many that this character may have been an author-made self-insert.[5] Interestingly, when Flynt first transitioned, his new identity online was one "Brianna Spacekat"[6] - this very same name appears prominently on one of the earliest known promotional posters for Revolution 60.[7]

Additionally, both believe in embellishing the accomplishments of their work to a ridiculous degree: the positive coverage of Revolution 60, has been almost entirely because of people Brianna Wu is personally friends with. Of particular note is the game's coveted iMore award - the reviewer who gave it that happens to co-host a show alongside Brianna Wu and features prominently on her Isometric podcasts. Wu's tenure at Giant SpaceKat Studios has, likewise, been hallmarked by Wu claiming credentials she provably does not have - most notable of which being that she never actually graduated, but has, on multiple occasions, claimed to have a degree in various subjects.[8][9][10]

Lastly, Wu and Flynt have a tendency to lie openly about things that have happened to them. Flynt is on record for saying he had lost his memory due to being stabbed in the head during an attempted robbery, and also claimed repeatedly to have a number of animation-related patents for Socially Unconscious, to have been "in a White House Bunker on 9/11", and to have had experience as a stand-up comic;[11] Brianna Wu likewise is known for lying openly to fill an agenda and make herself out to be a victim.

Evidence of Transitioning

Main Article: Background Check Incident

A Photo of Brianna Wu and Frank, Scarring Highlighted.

Flynt provably began preparing for his transition in 2005, as evidenced by Brianna's presence on the Susan's Place forums[12][13] and her own testimony on her Livejournal, where in 2008, she claimed to have a "birth-related urinary tract defect" fixed (in actuality, Sexual Reassignment Surgery).[14] This was around the same time Flynt had met Frank Wu. Of particular note was Brianna's MySpace page, which dates back to 2005 and establishes her identity as "Brianna Flynt."[15] Students attending the college Brianna was going to at the time confirmed their transition from John to Brianna Flynt.[16][17] It is notable that, according to from several familiar with Flynt pre- and post-transition that Flynt allegedly took the name "Brianna" because of a crush on a boy named Bryan in the journalism department at Ole Miss.[18]

None of the colleges Flynt attended (that Wu claims to have attended) have any record of Brianna's existence, but ample proof of Flynt's. Frank Wu confirmed they got married in 2008,[19] though Wu has, on several occasions, embellished or changed the time-frame the two got married in. Getting engaged in three weeks is a common meme of hers, despite being categorically disproven.[20]

Vocal clips exist of Brianna Wu doing the voice she usually uses for interviews and events, and her original voice in succession.[21][22]

Brianna Wu has a prominent forehead scar, which corresponds to where she has had forehead reduction surgery. This is commonly done to make the head and face structure seem more feminine, though it often leaves a scar along the hairline - which Wu clearly has.[23]

In one particularly notable photo-set, Brianna Wu is wearing a Barbarella outfit; looking closely at her thighs reveals minor scarring consistent with SRS.[24] Similarly, her throat has a small but noticable scar corresponding to where her Adam's Apple was shaved down in what's known as a tracheal shave, or chondrolaryngoplasty. Normally, this operation does not scar, but for some reason, Wu's seems to have, and is especially visibile in conditions of dim lighting.[25]

On March 31st, 2016, the Kiwi Farms acquired incontrovertible evidence of Brianna Wu's transitioning. A simple check done through public and legal channels revealed the details of Brianna Wu's name change via her voter registration information, detailing conclusively that she is, indeed, John Flynt. Additionally, Giant SpaceKat Studios lists Socially Unconscious Productions as a "corporate affiliate," further cementing the tie between the two.

Lauren Milovy

"Co-author Lauren Milovy met author John W. Flynt in 1999 during a disastrous attempt at producing the series in Jackson Mississippi. “John really hates doing the Adobe Illustrator Work for some reason, the process of turning his hand penciled original drawings into professional inked images.” According to Milovy, when she and Mr. Flynt met, they knew instantly they would be creative partners. “I was reading his scripts and I felt like I was reading things that I had written,” says the Co-Author. “We like to joke, I supply the girlpower, John supplies the Seinfeld. “I’ve been in love enough times to know, you meet someone, figure out you’re better off together than alone, and make compromises until it works. If someone’s written a love story like that, I haven’t read it. I’m proud to be part of producing a story with a romance that’s true.”"
—Lauren Milovy, April 6th, 2005, on Socially Unconscious

Lauren Milovy is an individual whose life is indelibly connected to both Brianna Wu and John Flynt. On top of the myriad of other examples of the two being the same person, listed above, Lauren Milovy establishes multiple subsidiary examples of John Walker Flynt and Brianna Wu being the same person. Much of the circumstantial evidence above becomes far conclusive when this information is factored in.

Flynt and Milovy

Lauren Milovy was John Walker Flynt's associate,[26] the primary artist behind Election Eve, and John Flynt's lover, to hear both tell it. Socially Unconscious and more specifically, Election Eve both cite Milovy as being one of the main artists, with the bulk of the promo materials done for Election Eve being her content specifically. Milovy also did promotional work for the project and wrote articles, as well as worked on scripts for the aborted Radio Drama. John Flynt was purportedly very happy to have Milovy's assistance, as she boosted the "girlpower" of Socially Unconscious and Election Eve (in Flynt's words). She often wrote her name as "Lauren MiLovy" in SOCCON promotional materials.[27]

Wu and Milovy

Brianna Wu, curiously, has a number of similarities to Milovy. Both have an extremely similar, if not outright identical art-style that clearly is referencing Gals! by Mihohna Fujii. Similarly, both are openly political and partisan with their works, and often extremely inflammatory.[28] Additionally, both are bloggers and aggressively tout various issues of interest to them - and curiously, Milovy shares Wu's complete disdain of professional criticism, launching into a long-winded tirade when she was criticized by others,[29][30] and, similarly, has fought off claims that she was anything but an actual woman, going so far as to say "I've never had a male sexual organ."[31]

When posting as Brianna Wu on the IGN.COM boards, Wu multiple times brought up the Palm Tungsten C, a phone that was, curiously enough, reviewed by none other than Lauren Milovy.[32]

Perhaps most interestingly, Lauren Milovy also claimed to have a journalism degree despite not actually having one.[33]


Lauren Milovy never existed.

This image establishes that Brianna Wu, John Flynt, and Lauren Milovy are the same people.

There is no record of anyone by that name living in the United States. All searches for this individual have led to only one connection whatsoever - co-ownership of a house that John Walker Flynt lived at. There is no other evidence that Lauren Milovy even exists.[34] Her email addresses all likewise connect to this address.[35] This email address was a netdoor address, exactly like John Flynt's own.

Looking up Milovy's last name yields, as the most popular english result, a tie to Kara Milovy, a girl from the 1987 James Bond movie The Living Daylights. As established above, both Flynt and Wu are big Bond fans, to the point where Flynt had a Bond Song on the webpage for his professional resume.

Even more damning, Milovy was known to be the front for SOCCON's PR arm, where she ran their ICQ support as "Minuete" - a character that appeals in both Election Eve and Revolution 60. ICQ Numbers are given in the order of a user's signing up, which establishes Milovy's presence in 2003, when SOCCON was in full swing. More critical than this is her listed birth date: July 6th, 1977 - the very same date of birth of John Walker Flynt.

As established in the above, Milovy also ran an entirely in-character blog, again, under the character Minuete, via the Election Eve website.

Additionally, archival data shows that Flynt was actively trying to gain legitimacy for Milovy's existence through less-than-legitimate means. One of the Election Eve requests featured John Flynt claiming "Lauren" was "Camera Shy" and thus outright soliciting for a female model to take a picture that would be passed off as "Lauren" in the book jacket for Election Eve.[36]

As established in the above section, Milovy wrote several articles for local works that she subsequently was extremely aggressive over after they were edited for their content, essentially establishing that Flynt and Milovy were one and the same (as evidenced by Flynt's infamous meltdown over the Daily Mississippian's refusal to run Socially Unconscious and Flynt calling a manager a "Fat Dyke" and "Sand Nigger" in a rage). This likewise mirrors Brianna Wu's own aggressive reactions to criticism.

Critically, however, it gives one major emphasis as to John Flynt and Brianna Wu being the same people as both have an imaginary person - both repeatedly shown to be false, yet both repeatedly claimed to be legitimate - in both John Flynt's and Brianna Wu's professional life who ostensibly does not exist outside of her relationship with either person. In Flynt's case, it was a fake artist, writer, and lover named Lauren Milovy; in Brianna's case, it's been Natalie O'Brien, someone who Wu claims to pay out of her Patreon to manage her Twitter.

Lauren Milovy also helps to cement that John Flynt and Brianna Wu are the same person, given this information. At one point, Brianna ran a site as one "Brianna Spacekat," claiming she was a professional artist, and furthermore, possessing an identical art style to Lauren Milovy. Brianna, obsession with the word "Spacekat," a common art style, and the same website layout, all in one webpage - and all helping to establish, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that John Flynt was Lauren Milovy and that Lauren Milovy is Brianna Wu.[37]


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