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Since announcing her candidacy, Brianna Wu has made at least 36 campaign promises, ranging from legalization of marijuana, not clapping for Trump during the State of the Union, climate change, patent trolls, and universal basic income. Although it is not unusual for candidates to make a variety of promises (such as Newt Gingrich's moonbase), the sheer number of promises Wu has made show she has the mentality of an 8th grader running for Class President.

Promises Made Via Twitter

  1. The assault on our privacy has to end. As your Congresswoman, I will lead the way on an omnibus privacy protection bill.
  2. As your congresswoman, my number one priority would combating climate change. This cannot be ignored.
  3. As your Congresswoman, I will work to end this pointless, destructive criminalization [of marijuana possession](sp).
  4. Military forced to end day care for children thanks to the Trump administration. As your congresswoman, I would support military families.
  5. You can't have women's liberation without sexual liberation. I'm a sex-positive feminist, and would legislate that way as your Congresswoman
  6. This is egregious and completely unacceptable. As your Congresswoman, I will work to strengthen privacy laws and end these practices.
  7. FANTASTIC NEWS. Collective bargaining works. As your Congresswoman, I want to build unions for 21st century jobs.
  8. 3/ I understand that we need to entirely rethink the American economy. As your Congresswoman, I will lead the way on #universalbasicincome.
  9. 2/ Going forward, healthcare legislation needs to be sabotage proof. That’s why I support expanding Medicare for all in a single payer system. I’ll work to pass that as your congresswoman.
  10. 2/ As your Congresswoman, I want to move resources from putting drug users in prison to treatment with accountability through drug courts
  11. 6/ In #gamergate, I did the right thing even when it came at great cost to me and my family. I'll bring same integrity as your Congresswoman
  12. Very strongly agree. As your congresswoman, I would support all measures to impeach Trump.
  13. 3/ As your congresswoman, I would aggressively fund @NASA. We must continue our push forward into new frontiers.
  14. Average student graduates with $33,000 of student loans. As your congresswoman, I'll fight banking's predatory relationship with higher ed.
  15. No child should feel ashamed of who they are. As your congresswoman, I'll fight for EVERYONE that's different, including transgender kids.
  16. As your congresswoman, I'll make progress on #gunsafety that the broken status quo can't. We can fix this, but not with our current congress
  17. This is horrifying, especially with school administrators that failed to act. As your congresswoman, I'd help stop online cyberbullying.
  18. Strongly agree. As your Congresswoman, I want the equivalent of the 60s investment in the space race - but with renewable energy instead.
  19. Women's access to reproductive health care is under assault in America. As your Congresswoman, I promise to NEVER compromise on this.
  20. There's PLENTY of blame to go around, Republicans and Democrats. As your congresswoman, criminal justice reform will be a top priority.
  21. This is why, as your Congresswoman, I would work to abolish the death penalty. We routinely put innocent people to death.
  22. I want to be as clear as possible: As your Congresswoman, I will never, ever compromise on civil rights. It's a core principle of who I am.
  23. Our congress has NO CLUE how to fight these battles. I do. As your Congresswoman, I'll help make America lead the world in Cybersecurity
  24. Some Democrats may applaud this president, but I won't when I am serving as your congresswoman.
  25. 6/ As your Congresswoman, I will NEVER vote to drain money from public schools like #devos. I'll fight hard for better teacher pay.
  26. 10/ We have an ethical responsibility to rebuild the same social opportunities Baby Boomers enjoyed. I'll do that as your congresswoman.
  27. Very glad to see this kind of activism over affordable housing in Boston. As your congresswoman, I'm fight for this.
  28. This information should be free. As your congresswoman, I'll work to eliminate or drastically lessen Freedom of Information Act request fees
  29. Amazingly, Swatting people is not a federal crime. This matters, because these acts usually take place across state lines. As your congresswoman, I would sign onto legislation that would put these criminals in federal prison.
  30. Too often, corporations sell you expensive products and block you from parts to repair it. We see it with cars, phones, computers and even tractors. I believe strongly in right to repair, and as your congresswoman I will end this assault on the things you own.
  31. These endless media mergers are terrible for consumers, terrible for competition, terrible for workers and terrible for accountability. As your congresswoman, I would do everything in my power to strengthen our anti-trust capabilities.
  32. If a hostile foreign power bought political ads on a television station, someone would be facing charges. @facebook doesn’t get to go by different rules just because it’s online. As your congresswoman, I will hold them accountable.
  33. 2/ As climate threats to major cities are going to escalate, we must prepare. As your Congresswoman, I'll champion protective infrastructure
  34. 3/ As your congresswoman, I'll expand tax credits for solar panels. It's an investment in national security, getting us free of foreign oil.
  35. As your Congresswoman, I will fight against tech patent trolls that hold developers hostage with pointless patents like this one. @eff
  36. Access to the Internet is a right. As your congresswoman, I will protect net neutrality and expand access for all Americans.