Brianna Wu's Harassment

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A Picture of Tyce Andrews shown during Brianna Wu's SXSW Showing, claiming he was an example of a "GamerGate Harasser."

Brianna Wu is someone who essentially has made her career in the modern day over portraying herself as one of the most victimized human beings on the entire internet. To hear Wu tell it, she receives hundreds of death threats, rape threats, insults, mockeries, and demands per week, and she is heroic for being willing to stand up to such ongoing harassment and show that she will not be intimidated by all this toxic aggression - or at least that is the entire crux of her online persona since GamerGate began.

Reality does not bear out these claims.

While Brianna has received harassment in the past, Brianna Wu has never done anything to curtail her own harassment, and everything to encourage it. She will cheerfully conflate hoaxes - even long-since-disproven ones - as threats to her life, and even when suitable "harassment" is not forthcoming, Brianna Wu is all-too-willing to fabricate her own and then claim that was legitimate.

Contextualizing Brianna Wu's Harassment

In interviews and on Twitter, Brianna Wu claims to get thousands of emails a day and hundreds of tweets that harass and threaten her each day.

For the moment, we're going to ignore the fact that Brianna Wu herself has access to blocking scripts, can easily silence any user whom she feels offended by on Twitter, that she has a personal relationship with the head of Twitter support, and that things like Spam Filters exist for email. Instead, we will lock onto what Wu herself considers premier examples of harassment. Of note is that these are very specific threats and incidents that Wu claims to have felt "threatened" by. These are, in order:

A common thread with literally all of these is that they are all either hoaxes and/or disproven incidents caused by third-party trolls. What this means is that the incidents that Brianna herself harps on the hardest and loudest as examples of how she has been victimized are all ones that are also provably false.

Brianna Wu and her supporters, perfectly juxtaposed in one single image.

This is not a matter of conjecture; each of the above is provably a non-threat. The Death to Brianna Incident and Crash Incident were provably the work of third-party trolls, as covered by the FBI FOIA Request Logs. Police discredited the PAX East Threats, even as Brianna Wu chastised the event's staff for not providing increased security specifically for her. Jace Connors posed no threat to Brianna Wu whatsoever and that was before he was exposed as a hoax. This is to say nothing of incidents like Wu claiming to have felt threatened by the SVU Episode Intimidation Game.

The claim that Brianna Wu falsifies her own harassment is a horrible one, but it is not one that emerged in a vacuum, especially given the now-infamous Operation FalseFag II Posts, where she false-flagged herself, aided by Frank Wu, and more visibly the Steam Incident, where she openly fabricated her own harassment whilst failing to realize she was logged in under her own developer account.

There is a few reasons that Brianna Wu uses these obvious hoaxes, fabricated incidents, and events conducted by third-party trolls to sensationalize herself and the level of harassment she receives. First is that the actual harassment she gets usually amounts to nothing more than mean words on Twitter, so in an effort to self-aggrandize, she goes for the big incidents, even if they ultimately prove to be hoaxes. The second, far more sinister reason, and directly related to the first is beyond these "big" incidents, Brianna Wu provably does not receive any more harassment than any other important figure on Social Media, and, as such, is someone without any actual relevance whatsoever. The only other examples of "targeted harassment" Brianna Wu has posted beyond the aforementioned incidents are always in an unsourced format and are always done in such a way where the posts in question cannot be found using Twitter's archival tools designed to find removed or deleted Tweets. Draw your own conclusions. We can furthermore put numbers to just how small-time Brianna Wu's actual harassment is, thanks to a study conducted by the feminist group Women Action Media! which revealed that less than 0.66% of GamerGate-related Tweets constitute harassment, and that harassment is distributed amongst multiple individuals - and, contrary to claims, not just Brianna Wu.[1] Because of this, roughly 1 "harassing" accounts out of 1000 are actually sending Brianna Wu the "targetted harassment" she claims to be receiving.

Brianna Wu's reasons for doing this are both social and economic. Publicizing her own harassment has been extremely lucrative for her, and as of of August 8th, 2015, almost at GamerGate's 1-year anniversary, Brianna Wu has been taking home over $3000 a month from gullible investors eager to feed her harassment narrative.[2] This means that since GamerGate began, and counting a $10,000 one-time gift, Brianna Wu had pulled down, after over two years, well over $71,000 from her Patreon alone.[3] Her other, far bigger reason, is because it allows her to play the role of the victim and use that to garner herself sympathy and attention on Social Media. Wu then cashes in her victim cred to gain speaking engagements, leverages it offensively against her critics, and to make herself better-known online.

Brianna Wu's Twitter Handler

Main Article: Natalie O'Brien

Brianna Wu has, on multiple occasions, claimed to have a full-time employee at Giant SpaceKat Studios specifically to handle the huge amount of harassment, death threats, and emails she (allegedly) receives on a full-time basis, and that this employee is where the bulk of her Patreon money goes. That she claims this, however, is a relatively new development, and started specifically to address concerns over what Wu was doing with all that Patreon cash. Prior to this, Wu has never been consistent with whether or not she even has such an employee, let alone what this employee does her Twitter for her, and on several occasions, has denied that such a position at Giant SpaceKat exists entirely.[4] Brianna Wu first claimed Natalie O'Brien as an employee of hers on May 6th, 2015.

Ample evidence shows that this individual, who Brianna Wu claims is one Natalie O'Brien, is either partially or completely fabricated.

No information about her exists whatsoever, she has no profile on any website of note, and no photographic evidence of her has ever been seen. In a vacuum, this would hardly be damning evidence, but it comes into focus when one realizes that every single other employee of Giant SpaceKat has a noted social media presence, Linkedin profile, and multiple photographs of themselves posing together at the office (Wu's home). This individual tends to appear to post for Brianna Wu in a fashion not entirely unlike one of Vade's Headmates, only even less convincing since Natalie O'Brien has an identical posting style to Wu herself. Brianna Wu faced a minor revolt from her Patreon Supporters over refusing to prove if Natalie actually exists. To this day, no one has claimed to have met this person or corroborated Brianna Wu's claims that she exists.

Over time, Brianna Wu has become infamous for labelling anyone who asks about O'Brien, regardless of their position, of being a GamerGate-supporting troll.

Brianna Wu and Law Enforcement

"This woman previously said she was bringing a gang of personal bodyguards to PAX and falsely attributed a sarin gas attack threat at PAX towards a group of her enemies, she (and more importantly for the sake of everyone's lives, her claims) need to be investigated immediately."
—The Federal Bureau of Investigation, on Brianna Wu's Sensationalizing

Brianna Wu, in her active attempts to milk her harassment cynically for her own gain, has made herself quite a negative reputation with the police and FBI. In short order, she became completely loathed by the agency, both for her sensationalizing nature and for the fact that she repeatedly did things that actively hindered the very investigations they had launched on her behalf. As time went on, the FBI's responses to Brianna Wu grew more and more bitter and sarcastic, as Brianna Wu had also begun to openly bad-mouth both it and the police as "not doing enough" to curtail the harassment she herself had provoked against their advice in the first place.

During the initial "Death to Brianna" Tweets, Brianna Wu did the exact opposite of what Law Enforcement urges in such a situation, and immediately publicized the harassment she received.[5] Brianna Wu was asked about this same behavior by David Pakman when she appeared on his show, as Pakman had received threats online once (actually actionable ones), and was told to not bring the incident up, so as thwart copycats and not throw off the investigation. Brianna Wu, however, actively and deliberately sensationalized the threats, throwing the investigation off in the process and ensuring additional trolls would copycat. This is a pattern that would repeat itself repeatedly, as Brianna Wu do this, over and over again. When the PAX East Bomb Threat occurred and Brianna Wu was told not to talk about it by the FBI, she went and did so anyway once more.[6] She also proceeded to talk up an already debunked Sarin Gas threat towards the same event, forcing the FBI to investigate it again.[7]

In March of 2015, Brianna Wu once again flummoxed the FBI by again publicizing her own harassment, this time of alleged insane calls to her voicemail, and inadvertently screwing up an ongoing investigation.[8] Brianna Wu constantly bemoaned the FBI's lack of results, and sent constant complaints to them about it, to the point where the FBI added her complaints to the investigation.[9] It wasn't merely the FBI Brianna Wu did this to; Brianna Wu was equally-content to waste the time and resources of local law enforcement as well.

The entire time that Brianna Wu was actively being detrimental to the FBI investigation, she was actively talking smack about the Bureau on Social Media and on virtually every single avenue she could muster. This ranged from an op-ed on the Daily Dot, where Brianna Wu argued that Law Enforcement would "do nothing" if she was murdered,[10] at the same exact time that Brianna Wu was choosing to endlessly crow about the investigation, leading to the Ohio Prosecutor's office explaining that Brianna Wu had never gone to them about the harassing voicemails she had received and that she had provided no evidence that the call was legitimate. Even worse, Brianna Wu's supporters proceeded to accost the District Attorney's office for "not taking sufficient action" to deal with said harassment.[11] Brianna Wu would later claim, after the fact, to have filed a police report, but that it had "fallen through the cracks."

All of the above paint a pretty dark picture, but they get worse when one starts connecting the dots. When Brianna Wu was forced to leave her home, multiple news sites friendly to Brianna Wu covered the story, but those that attempted to corroborate the story quickly met maddening setbacks, since Brianna Wu was actively screwing up attempts to investigate her claims. When Polygon attempted to get police reports of Wu's claims, they were turne down as a result.[12] Unfortunately for Brianna Wu, every single claim she got investigated by the police and FBI turned out to be a hoax.[13][14]

Inevitably, the FBI and Police closed the cases on GamerGate, due to a lack of evidence, actionable offenses, and, in Brianna Wu's case, active sabotage of the ongoing investigations they had going.[15] Brianna Wu's response to the FBI pointing out the obvious was to find out what region was responsible for processing her requests and complaining to them instead.[16]

Finally, dropping any and all pretense, on November 3rd, 2016, Brianna Wu declared that nothing had happened in the FBI investigations because they had been secretly infiltrated by GamerGate and were thus compromised.[17][18]

Brianna Wu's Harassment Claims

John's Words of Wisdom.jpg

The following is a concise record of the biggest incidents Brianna Wu has claimed harassment or claimed to have been threatened, based partly or entirely on false pretense:

Operation FalseFag II

The start of a trend...

On October 8, 2014, an image macro was created describing "Operation False Fag II", a campaign to criticize Brianna Wu's game as sexist and demeaning to women began to make the rounds of 8chan, starting with its /b/ board before spreading out from there. Wu brought mainstream media attention to the image nine days later, on October 17th, 2014, around the time Wu was claiming to have received death-threats from GamerGate supporters. The image itself would be a scathing indictment of targetted harassment towards Miss Wu, were it not for three fatal flaws in this plan:

Firstly, unfortunately for Wu, the hash data of the image matched up between the image macro posted on 8chan. For the uninitiated, when you create a file, a Hash Verifier can be used to generate an alpha-numeric key based off the actual contents of a given file - and even a minuscule change in a given file will make the key change, thus you can detect if a file is not identical to another. Said verification showed that the Operation False Fag II image was the very image Wu posted on her own twitter account.[19]

Second is the timing: Wu posted a tweet about it mere minutes before it went up on 8chan's /b/ for the second time.

Finally, one should look at creation date of the image Wu posted: October 8th - I.E. when the image macro was first posted on 8chan. This essentially proves that Wu herself either was complicit in the creation of this image macro, or flat-out made it herself.[20] Whether she was or not, however, matters little - Wu deleted this post almost immediately afterwards, only to put up another with a hash-edited version that no longer matched.[21] Some time later, an anonymous informant, claiming to be a former employee of Giant SpaceKat Studios brought to light that the person who initially put up this false flag attempt was most-likely none other than Frank Wu as part of a viral marketing campaign for Revolution 60.

Oppressed GamerGate Meme

These were images Brianna Wu posted on her Twitter.

Wu was determined to be the champion of opposition to GamerGate at any costs, no matter what she had to do to make it happen. On October 9th, 2014, Brianna Wu created an image macro she dubbed "The Oppressed GamerGate Meme" which contained a screaming child clutching their own hair.[22] The image turned out to be of an Autistic Child, and was featured on the Autism Speaks website.[23] When it became apparent that Brianna Wu was using a macro comparing her opposition to autistic children, she immediately deleted the tweet, but the macros were saved and lived on in infamy.

Brianna's attempt to provoke GamerGate supporters, as far as the hashtag campaign itself was concerned, failed as none of them responded with anything more than ridicule. However, in so doing, Brianna Wu had finally done something stupid enough that it garnered attention from third-party trolls, who found Brianna's failed meme hilarious. Various groups on social media began making fun of her meme, reappropriating it and using it to make fun of Brianna Wu and her associates.[24] Wu claimed this constituted an vicious attack on her character and that she was going to take a Twitter break because these attacks meant she no longer felt safe.[25] Said break lasted less than 12 hours.

At around this time, evidence emerged of Brianna Wu calling an autistic GamerGate supporter a "gross fucking Aspie," but this later turned out to be the work of a third-party troll who was copying Wu's name on twitter, replacing the l in her username with an I.[26] At this point, the genie was out of the bottle, and several had realized that Brianna Wu was a potentially profitable person of interest in the making.

Second 8chan Doxxing and The Genesis of Third-Party Trollbaiting

Roughly two days after Wu's initial false-flagging on 8chan, she was at it again. On October 10, 2014 at 7:52:46 PM (EST), a user posted Brianna Wu's address, phone number, and e-mail address on 8chan. Wu tweeted about the doxxing within four minutes of it going up, saying "8chan/#gamergate just doxxed me, posting all kinds of personal information about me."[27] On 8chan itself, the thread was widely denounced by GamerGate supporters and was deleted by Moderators within the hour.

Within about 7 minutes of this post, a user known as @Chatterwhiteman, under the handle Death to Brianna, started sending harassing and threatening messages to Brianna Wu via what was plainly and obviously a trolling account.[28] In addition to having no previous activity whatsoever prior to the attacks against Wu, the attacks had the exact same wording and content as threats sent to GamerGate supporters. [29] 8chan's userbase quickly noticed that the styles of the post matched, proving beyond a doubt that they had been done by the same people.[30]

While initially it was thought (due to threads on the time on the subject) that these attacks were an organized campaign from Something Awful,[31][32] This would prove to be only parly true. In August of 2016, it was heavily implied by the Crash Override Network Leaks that none other than Zoe Quinn's clique had put them up to it in the first place, in the hopes of getting Brianna Wu to join their cause. The gambit worked, but Brianna Wu quickly proved herself to be uncontrollable and was subsequently abandoned by the clique. Brianna Wu, meanwhile, would go on to cite these false-flagged threats as credible long after the revelation of it being the result of third-party trolls was known.[33]

This would play heavily into events to follow. She would use this as evidence during her Huffington Post appearance as evidence of the threats she had received, and cited it as part of the earlier harassment she recieved from Operation FalseFag II. It would be a centerpiece of Wu claiming she was so afraid she had to leave her home later, as well. Naturally, because of Wu doing this and sensationalizing anyone who sent her anything like this, Brianna Wu would receive additional barrages of third-party troll harassment (which Wu herself would, again, treat as completely credible).[34]

Brianna Wu Leaves Her Home

Soonafter the @Chatterwhiteman False-Flags, Brianna Wu had her soon-to-be notorious Huffington Post Interview on October 11th, 2014. In this Interview, Brianna Wu would claim to have been so horrified and shaken up by the aforementioned Death to Brianna false-flags, which were, this wiki will remind you, now known to be the work of third-party trolls, that she feared for her life and had been forced from her home.[35] Wu discussed her being forced from her home by almost two dozen outlets over the course of two days, including the aforementioned Huffington Post, Venutre Beat,[36] Gameranx, the Boston Globe, BoingBoing, Recode, We Hunted the Mammoth, The Verge, Polygon, Niche Gamer, the Daily Mail, BostInno, Bustle, Opposing Views, MyFoxBoston, Buzzfeed, Sixth Axis, Header, Alfa Beta Juega, Chud, The Edge, and Pan Gamers. Every one of them told the same story: Brianna Wu had been forced from her home by harassment, it was all because she spoke out against GamerGate.

Unfortunately for Brianna, there was a few holes in this particular narrative, and they would become known quite quickly.

Brianna Wu in several interviews she conducted via Skype. Note the common terrain in each image...

Her initial appearance on HuffPo came with it a link to the fact that Wu herself was rather infamous for milking controversy. It links her earlier Polygon article, and essentially gets across that Wu was intentionally putting herself in the line of fire for the sake of attracting attention to herself, simply by virtue of reporting on Wu's ongoing campaign of professional victimhood. While FBI documents show that Brianna Wu did, indeed, leave her home for one night,[37] that one night is all she was gone, and she immediately did the exact opposite of what Law Enforcement encouraged her to do by essentially publicizing her harassment, both on social media and in the mainstream press.[38]

However, despite Brianna Wu's claims of being constantly on the move and in a state of fear due to her attacks, almost every interview Brianna Wu conducted whilst claiming to be on the run was done from the same office with the same furniture, same room layout, same location of doors and windows. This is the same room that Brianna Wu did the interview for the David Pakman Show in, as well - in other words, she was in her home during multiple interviews in which she repeatedly claimed to have been forced from her home.[39] In response to this, Brianna Wu claimed to have been "doxxed." Oddly, the doxed information came from none other than Giant SpaceKat Studios' Own Website, and it was corroborated by both Brianna Wu's posts on Facebook and videos that Brianna Wu herself posted on her publicly-visible YouTube account.[40] Brianna Wu used her associates, and later, DMCA takedowns, to shut down anyone who pointed out the obvious holes in Brianna Wu's story.[41]

Even after it was comprehensively proven that the threats were a hoax, and after it was proven that Brianna Wu hadn't been forced away from her home by GamerGate, Brianna Wu continued to claim it was the case, going so far as to feature the incident prominently in The Internet Ruined My Life.

More 8Chan False-Flagging

Wu would continue to try to take advantage of GamerGate false-flagging on 8chan. On October 21 at 9:13, a thread was started on 8chan's /gg/ - at the time, its dedicated GamerGate board.

All from the same person.

The message read as follows:

"And you people keep trying to tell me that #GamerGate is not a harassment campaign."

This was followed up by a post that appeared to be arguing with the above post:

"Fuck you cunt. I bet you're one of those stupid feminists who support women in gaming. I hope you get fucking raped and killed."

About 20 minutes later, at 9:40, another series of posts went up:

"When do we start harassing Brianna Wu?"


"In 10 minutes"

"Aight. I'm gonna be sending rape and death threats to her, as a proud supporter of #Gamergate."

Only one small problem: 8chan is not 4chan, and 8chan, unlike its counterpart, records a unique hash for every user who posts. All of these posts provably came from the same user, with the hash 1cbb3d seen in captures of the posts.[42] This user would repeatedly try to bait Wu using it, but was, surprisingly enough, thwarted by Brianna Wu's supporters, who caught onto this nonsense quite quickly. Nonetheless, Wu retweeted it as if it were credible.[43] Wu would delete the retweet less than an hour later, after considerable backlash from her own followers.

Yet More Death Threats From Third-Party Trolls

At 9:51 PM October 31, Brianna Wu received the same death threat from Twitter users @retuites, @anonlulznetwork, @BlackAFraction, and @AnonNamaste, who use the symbology of the Anonymous group in their user icons.[44] Despite linking to a number of sites that essentially portrayed the entire thing as a hoax, Brianna Wu nonetheless tweeted it as a legitimate threat.[45]

She also claimed to have gone to police, again, regarding this incident.

Again, it is critical to note that Wu never actually went to the police, as reported by the Franklin County Police Department (Wu's own district), and did nothing other than send them an email.[46]

Crash Incident

On December 1st, 2014, arguably the most depressing example of Brianna Wu's harassment milking occurred. This one centered around her dog Crash, a terrier who was named after a dog in Socially Unconscious: The Election Eve.

The Something Awful user in question taking credit for the @crashwu twitter.

The incident began when Brianna Wu claimed to have received threats and insults regarding her dog Crash, who was apparently, at the time, dying. Brianna Wu claimed to have been "harassed by GamerGate" over it, specifically a Twitter account, @CrashWu, whose first post towards Brianna Wu was a post intended to harass her. The account was shown to be a troll account affiliated with Something Awful almost immediately,[47] exactly as the earlier "Death to Brianna" tweets were. Brianna Wu learned this mere minutes after the initial tweets, and knew the truth less than three minutes after it happened. Despite this, Brianna Wu immediately blamed GamerGate for the Tweets and immediately claimed they were legitimate, and claiming that the consumer hashtag was actively antagonizing her in such a moment of grief.

Wu's attempts to milk the situation like this did not go as expected, as other GamerGate Opponents and, surprisingly, even other third-party trolls chimed in and asked Brianna Wu why she was squabbling on Twitter with trolls as opposed to taking her ailing pet to a veterinarian for treatment. Brianna Wu proceeded to block those who asked too many questions, and her story quickly grew increasingly bizarre, as she began to claim that the reason she didn't take Crash to a vet was that they were closed, despite her supporters linking to 24-hour clinics within easy driving distance.[48]

Fittingly, Brianna Wu did not stop trying to milk Crash's status on Twitter, even as the night dragged on.[49] Crash died in the morning, on December 3rd, 2014, of encephalitis. Brianna Wu continued to blame a consumer hashtag for the entire affair, going so far as to accuse GamerGate of poisoning her dog. While a crisis such as a dying family pet is the sort of thing that one can forgive getting emotional for, the fact that Brianna Wu immediately looked for ways to cynically exploit it raised a lot of red flags. The truth would soon come out from none other than Brianna Wu herself, however, when Brianna Wu posted, on March 28th, 2015, that Brianna and Frank had accidentally left Crash outside on a freezing cold Boston night, and that the poor dog became sick afterwards.[50]

One of the many responses castigating Wu's behavior.

In essence, Brianna Wu established that she knowingly used a trolling attempt to sensationalize the death of a family pet, which she herself had put in harm's way, and had done so with the intent of cynically using the incident against a consumer hashtag to make herself seem like a victim. This knowledge would soon be followed by the revelation that Brianna Wu is infamously bad at taking care of her pets, keeping them in cages when she doesn't want to bother with them,[51] showing when her pets destroy furniture because of neglect,[52] or ignoring when her dogs bark at the neighbors for hours at a time.[53]

At SXSW, on March 12th, 2016, Brianna Wu was continuing to use this incident as an example of "Gamergate harassment" despite provably knowing the incident was from trolls. She went on to claim that "My husband was targetted, my dog... my dog died last year, and while I was holding my dying dog in my hands, Gamergate was tweeting that they were trying to find my vet so they could threaten me."

Jace Connors Incident

Main Articles: Jace Connors vs. Brianna Wu, Operation Wu-Pocalypse, The Internet Ruined My Life

Sam Biddle of Gawker helps Wu push the narrative that Jace Connors is serious business.

On December 18th, 2014, Jace Connors began a short-but-intense campaign of utter lunacy in relation to Brianna wherein he tried repeatedly to challenge Brianna Wu to a Street Race and made a battery of insane call-out videos. The entire saga was so patently absurd that even a sizable number of Wu's supporters had difficulty believing them to be credible, but Brianna Wu claimed they were legitimate all the same and multiple times elaborated that she intended to press charges against Jace Connors and later, Tyce Andrews. The incident became increasingly insane - and absurd - as Wu tried to make the claim that Jace's antics composed a legitimate threat to her well-being and that she intended to go to the police about this. Brianna Wu quickly leveraged everything she had against the forces of Deagle Nation, resulting in an all-out media blitz intended to paint Jace and his friends as the most dangerous thing in the history of the internet.

There's just one problem: Brianna Wu knew Jace was dubious at best.

Fact is, Brianna Wu knew full well, almost immediately, that Jace was a troll, and she had been told such by hundreds of sources, both on Twitter and on GamerGhazi. Brianna's response to being told this was to block and/or mass-delete any post that ran counter to Brianna Wu's ongoing meme that Jace was an internet terrorist with designs on ending her life.[54][55] Brianna Wu came down on Jace with unusual fervor, swearing to bring him to justice and declaring that she had reported him to the FBI. The FBI immediately investigated and found out the obvious: that Jace was no threat whatsoever, and that Brianna Wu had exaggerated the entire thing.[56]

For over a month, Brianna Wu used Jace and Tyce's videos, tweets, and so on multiple times to try to make the case that they were the perfect example of of how she had been harassed. She threatened to press charges repeatedly, and made clear she intended to get a restraining order against Jace. To corroborate her attacks, Brianna Wu called upon her followers, most notably Reuben G. Baron, to try to smear Jace and portray him as a danger, something Reuben did by trying to set up an interview with Jace with the intention of making a hit piece. Humorously, Jace proceeded to expose Baron's plan for what it was, and turned the tables on Wu's attempt at false-flagging. Wu continued to actively go after Jace, in spite of massive blastback, and she claimed that bringing Jace to justice was priority one.

At this point, Jace elected to retire the gag, and made it clear that Jace was nothing more than a piece of Andy Kaufmann-esque Satire, the product of comedian Jan Rankowski, and ultimately, nothing more than a hoax. Just as every single critic of Wu's had stated, at no point was Wu in any real danger, but her desire to portray herself as an oppressed victim had led her to foolishly chase after obvious bait and essentially play into the hands of trolls - exactly as critics of hers had warned. At this point, Jace and friends being a hoax was now a matter of national record. Wu, not to be deterred, threatened Jace further, and stated that he should "Lawyer up."[57]

Brianna Knew in February.png

Despite visibly acknowledging that Deagle Nation was fake, Brianna Wu has continued to claim that she was in actual danger from them, further eroding her own credibility. Less than four months after Jace and Tyce were exposed, Brianna Wu still declared the pair an example of her harassment at the hands of GamerGate during her appearance at Inspirefest in June of 2015. She would then go on to use Deagle Nation as an example of her harassment no less than three more times in August of 2015 alone. Indeed, extensive analysis of Wu's Patreon dealings show that this incident, despite Brianna Wu being fully aware of its hoax status, is the single biggest source of revenue for Wu's Patreon. Suffice to say, Deagle Nation continued to feature prominently in Brianna Wu's attempts to portray herself as top victim, ranging from her feature on the Humboldt Journal on September 9th, 2015,[58] to her appearance at South by Southwest in 2016, where, almot a year after Deagle Nation was shown to be a hoax, Brianna Wu featured an image of Tyce prominently and claimed he was the perfect example of the harassment she had received.

The pièce de résistance, however, came on Brianna Wu's SyFy Network appearance, which prominently featured about two minutes of Tyce in a Skull Mask, followed by footage of Jace after the Prius crash, in which Brianna Wu faked crying and claimed that Deagle Nation had been trying to kill her. In this one statement, Brianna Wu had executed her own credibility in a way that few suspected they'd see, and immediately drew widespread ridicule because of how patently ridiculous it was.[59]

PAX East Incident

Brianna Wu needs some people willing to throw down.

After the original "Death to Brianna" Tweets, Brianna Wu contacted many of her closest associates in the Independent Gaming Press in order to announce that she would not be attending Penny Arcade Expo East, known better as PAX East.[60] Her reason for doing so was none other than one of the most-critically-disproven incidents on record with Brianna Wu thus far, the Jace Connors Incident. Her argument for not attending PAX East - which she ultimately did anyway - was that she feared for her life after "her life had been threatened by two people in Massachusetts."[61] Brianna Wu repeatedly sensationalized both a long-since-disproven bomb threat and a sarin gas attack threat towards the event to the point where the FBI was getting frustrated with her constantly amplifying hoaxes.[62] Brianna further went on to declare that Jace was proof of her concerns.[63]

The thing is, by this point Brianna Wu had a well-deserved reputation for biting at obvious bait from third-party trolls, and was aggressively amplifying any threat whatsoever into an example of her own harassment and how much she was in danger. Yet at the same time, Brianna Wu constantly undermined the threat level of her own claims. By this point, the FBI, PAX Itself, and the Boston police had long since disproven that Jace was in any way a credible threat.[64] As such, when PAX would not deploy additional security specifically for Wu, she responded by attempting to hire muscle for her own personal protection. True to form, her supporters jumped at the chance.[65] Despite not having a booth at PAX that year, and despite constant grandstanding about the lack of security, Brianna Wu nonetheless attended the event anyway.

Members of PAX East, fed up with Brianna Wu's open sensationalizing, took photos of Wu at PAX East, making fun of her being in ever-so-much-danger at PAX by openly mocking the threats that by this point, nobody thought were credible. Fittingly, Brianna Wu responded by acting like these, too, were a threat to her life.[66]

Intimidation Game

Special Victims Unit is a Documentary Series Apparently.

On February 11th, 2015, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit ran an episode entitled "Intimidation Game." Intended to be a hard-hitting look at GamerGate and its alleged misogyny, the episode quickly was panned as one of the most unintentionally hilarious episodes in the show's entire history. The plot covers a female video game developer, Raina Punjabi, who is harassed, threatened, and eventually raped by a group of misogynistic cyberterrorists. The handling of the episode's content is so inept and the lines in the episode so ridiculous that the episode spawned dozens of memes and is heralded as one of the most patently ridiculous things in the show's history. Even fans found the episode eminently mockable and one of the worst in its entire run.[67]

Brianna Wu was convinced that the episode was about her, and that she had been "triggered."

For some time after this episode, Wu kept referencing it and attempting to make out that her life was exactly like the episode in question.[68] She would go on to continue to state that this was proven by the aforementioned Jace Connors Incident, which was chillingly similar, and how she's so brave and noble for standing up to these heinous cyberbullies.[69] Brianna Wu would later flat-out say that the episode was about her, despite her initial hostility towards the episode and the fact that the subject of the episode was clearly based on Anita Sarkeesian rather than Wu.[70]

Steam False-Flagging

Easily the single most infamous - and obvious - of all of the false-flagging attempts Wu has ever been involved with was this singular example of Brianna Wu being caught in the act.

Brianna Wu falseflags herself, forgetting she's logged into her dev account.

On February 5th, 2015, Brianna Wu announced her intent to bring Giant SpaceKat Studios' biggest and best game, Revolution 60, to PC and Mac via Steam Greenlight. In addition to Brianna Wu covering this on her own Twitter, it was covered by several friends of Brianna's, including Ben Parfitt,[71] who had covered Brianna Wu repeatedly for other publications in the past.[72]

The greenlighting was not without controversy. Brianna Wu repeatedly claimed that she was being downvoted en masse by GamerGate supporters,[73] even though "not interested" votes have no impact whatsoever in whether a game gets greenlit or not. In spite of this accusation, there was actually ample evidence that Brianna Wu herself was mass upvoting her own game via sockpuppet accounts, as evidenced by the massive number of users who up-voted her game, had accounts less than a day old and possess zero games.[74] Though this is not illegal, it is exactly what Brianna Wu and her husband asked their followers to do. Sockpuppetry or not, Revolution 60 successfully got on Steam Greenlight.

Unfortunately for Brianna Wu, this was just the start of her troubles. Steam allows developers to mod and administrate their own game's forums, and handle them accordingly. However, Steam's userbase is not Twitter's, and Brianna Wu found herself habitually unable to stop people from criticizing her game's many legitimate technical flaws. True to form, she immediately blamed GamerGate and tried to argue that the many, many users criticizing Revolution 60 were entirely GamerGate's doing. Whilst there was a number of obvious trolls in the forum, the overpowering majority of the game's criticism was legitimate, directed at its interactivity, graphics, and audio design. Brianna Wu defended these by claiming that Revolution 60 wasn't aimed at "Core Gamers," and instead at "Neo Gamers," who presumably wouldn't mind the game's slipshod quality.[75] Suffice to say, this did not go over well with Steam's audience (predominantly PC gamers), and the situation snowballed.

In less than a day, Brianna Wu had been unable to keep the userbase of Steam from analyzing Revolution 60 without the benefit of reviews from personal friends of hers or relying on a cozy relationship with the admin staff to take care of the problem, and Brianna was quick to try to lure in a Steam Moderator to try to control the criticism and trolling. Unfortunately for Brianna Wu, the moderator disagreed with her viewpoint that criticism was harassment, and refused to lock down discussion of the game's myriad issues.[76] After this attempt failed, Brianna Wu attempted to bribe said moderator into helping her manage the forum in exchange for the Moderator meeting her at GDC/PAX East,[77] but the moderator was unwilling to engage in what was openly a conflict of interest,[78] and declined her offer.

Inevitably, unable to get her way and have any comment that wasn't outright praise for the game sanctioned, Brianna began to report that GamerGate supporters were attacking her openly in the thread, and linked to a post indicating the worst such offense on Twitter. This, she would argue, was the most clear-cut example of harassment she had received so far.

There was only one problem: The post she linked to that was "harassing" her came from none other than Wu's own Developer Account. The post was then deleted on both Twitter and Steam - and hours later, went up with identical text from someone named "Gourmet Newell."[79] Wu had clearly hoped no one would be the wiser, but such was not the case - and Wu had been caught by the userbase openly false-flagging herself.

There was no way to even remotely tilt a screw-up this big in Brianna Wu's favor: she had completely eviscerated her own credibility in one single act, and no amount of spin, no amount of damage control was going to undo it. Wu's post was immediately snagged by onlookers, and the Revolution 60 forums were closed by Brianna Wu entirely less than two hours later. The post immediately went viral, becoming arguably the centerpiece in the argument as to Brianna Wu's duplicitous nature. The incident was extensively documented by GamerGate-friendly news sources, including TechRaptor and The Ralph Retort.[80]

The completely obvious nature of the incident didn't stop Brianna Wu from trying to claim the incident as being entirely GamerGate's fault, and she is known for essentially calling anyone who references the incident a GamerGate supporter.[81][82][83] Unfortunately for Wu, the truth will not remain buried, and one of Brianna Wu's employees has outright confirmed via social media that the incident was, indeed, Brianna Wu intentionally trying to bait harassment.[84]

YSU Narrative Demolition

On March 26th, 2016, Brianna Wu attended Youngstown State University to give a talk about a talk about institutionalized sexism in the tech industry. By and large, the event was entirely typical of Brianna Wu's speaking engagements, until about 46 minutes in.

At this point, Brianna Wu opened up the panel to questions, and a student asked why, despite her ongoing preaching against GamerGate, she's never mentioned any of the good GamerGate has done, which has included donating to feminist game developers and hundreds of thousands of dollars to Charity events. After refusing to answer, Brianna Wu tried to have the student removed (much as she did during the Ralph Retort Incident) and the student left the area willingly.

In the aftermath of this, however, Brianna Wu's sensationalism went into overdrive. After the student had left, she proceeded to contact police and demand security search every bag in the room, claiming that she had reason to believe that the student had left an improvised explosive device (IED) behind. Brianna Wu would go on to claim that the student that had merely asked a question had "hijacked" her talk by "ranting and raving" and how the police had gotten involved, going on to pull a Vade and try to milk the situation for attention on Twitter.[85]

The entire affair was recorded by the YSU and is available on their public YouTube channel, showing only too clearly that Brianna Wu used the entire affair to try to drum up her own relevance.[86]

South by Southwest Incident

"KotakuInAction should be removed from Reddit today. There's no reason for that to be there - it brings nothing to the table but harassment. The truth is - 8chan? I have no idea why the server hasn't been shut down. They dox judges, they put peoples' credit card information out there, you can actually prove that there's SQL injection tools on there, there are very illegal DOS tools there, hacking tools there... Like it's simply the most outrageously illegal stuff you can imagine. Child pornography, too!"
—Brianna Wu, March 12th 2016

The actual crowd at SXSW for Brianna's Panel was threadbare.

On March 12th, 2016, Brianna Wu attended a panel at South by Southwest, specifically a conference discussing online bullying and cyberviolence. The panel was notable for several reasons, not the least of which was Brianna Wu being in rare form during it - she cited not only the Jace Connors Incident and Crash Incident, but the Chatterwhiteman incident and now, well over a year after Jace was exposed as being a hoax, Brianna Wu continues to posit that Deagle Nation was a clear and present threat to her life. In fact, she went full out and claimed that she had reported Jace to the FBI, but that they hadn't taken action for "some reason."

It didn't end there. During the SXSW panel, Brianna Wu then launched into an incoherent, long-winded attack about how several communities critical of her in the past - most notably the Gamergate-supporting KotakuInAction on Reddit and the similarly-supportive 8chan should both be dismantled, claiming (with no citations of course) that both are nothing but harassers and should be shut down immediately, citing illegality.[87] None of this was given any evidence, as per tradition.

The rest of the panel was centered around Brianna Wu repeatedly interrupting actual women's advocates - including one trying to discuss revenge porn and another defending the rights of women in developing nations - so she could continue to complain about how victimized she had been on GamerGate. A number of attendees wound up leaving the panel before it finished due to the panel's undue focus on Brianna Wu and her denying the other panel members a chance to speak up.

Later it was revealed that after Brianna Wu had caused about half of the attendees to desert, the panel had under 20 attendees, so despite all the sturm and drang, it amounted to virtually nil. As if to add insult to injury, Gamergate opponent Randi Harper was quick to point out that Brianna Wu's inclusion in the discussion did nothing to help actual women's issues and that she had dominated the time slot by complaining about her harassment as opposed to proposing solutions, once more driving home the fact that Wu had spoken over legitimate advocates for women and driven away the other panelists' attendees.[88][89][90]

The Internet Ruined My Life

Main Article: The Internet Ruined My Life

On March 17th, 2016, Brianna Wu's segment on SyFy's The Internet Ruined My Life was broadcast. Though there had been some discussion of what this would entail when Brianna Wu mentioned that she would be on it, few were prepared for what the episode would actually entail. Essentially a "greatest hits" of Brianna Wu's biggest and most blatant hoax-attempts-she-claimed-were-credible, it prominently featured Jace Connors and Tyce Andrews, as well as the @Chatterwhiteman "Death to Brianna" tweets, as well as featuring the repeatedly-disputed claim that Brianna Wu was forced from her home. The episode itself drew widespread ridicule, and has been considered by several to be the most entertaining work Brianna Wu has ever been involved in.[91]

Revolution 60 False-Flagging

The least subtle false-flag yet.

On May 11th, 2016, an extremely obvious false-flag happened in which a Twitter account, @rainghosthate31, posted a very obvious "Operation" image declaring intent to "attack" Brianna Wu's game, Revolution 60 under the auspices of sending her death threats.[92] The account was retweeted by Brianna Wu within an hour of it being posted.[93] Whilst at a glance, this appears to be yet one more example atop the mountain of other examples of third-party trolls screwing with Brianna Wu, closer examination yields a few interesting quirks about this particular False-Flag attempts that sets it apart from the others.

First of all: Parts of it are inexplicably censored. The "Operation" image refers to it as "HANG THE F******S AND R*** THE WOMEN," but is also perfectly comfortable with a "hail satan" in the footer and advocating that people send Brianna Wu death threats from their Steam accounts. Immediately this comes into question because nobody sane would do this. It leaves too big a trail, and not even Brianna's most angry, bitter trolls are stupid enough to do something like this, especially given that a death threat would more-than-likely void the refund. Additionally, by the time of this message, GamerGate as a whole had long since started to fall out of the public eye - along with many of the people who were riding opposition to it as a career.

Moreover, this particular False-Flag happens to occur just around the time when concerns about the release status of Revolution 60 was starting to hit a fever pitch, as Brianna Wu has successfully dragged her feet on the project for almost two years.

The far more interesting point however, comes into focus when one realizes that this "Operation" image has a staggering number of commonalities with Brianna Wu's previous false-flags that were done by her and her husband - including Operation FalseFag II, which was, according to Brianna Wu's employees, the work of Frank Wu, the infamous Letter From a Former GamerGater, which was done by Brianna Wu herself, the @BROLOLZ Incident, and the now-notorious Steam False-Flagging, in which Brianna Wu most-visibly false-flagged herself.

Like many of the previous examples of Wu False-Flagging herself, this one refers to Brianna Wu as both a woman and a game developer, when Brianna Wu's trolls generally recognize her as neither, given that she is a transwoman and Giant SpaceKat Studios has not put out any other game beyond its currently-unavailable IOS game in the entire span of its operation. It's worth noting that these two facets of Brianna Wu happen to also be the two parts of her presence online that she is the most desperate to prove - Brianna's favorite response, in fact, to criticism of her development studio is to point out that she has produced games whilst her critics have not![94]

Perhaps the most curious reason as to why many think it's another Brianna self-flag, however, is the nature of the censorship itself. For the uninitiated, Brianna Wu has a notorious tendency to censor herself - most commonly with asterisks. She does so even in the case of relatively inoffensive words like "tard" and "damn."[95][96][97][98][99][100][101][102][103][104][105][106][107]

Given all this evidence and the extensive collection of examples of Brianna Wu openly false-flagging herself or getting someone to do it for her, this posits that the most likely party responsible for this is none other than Brianna Wu herself, if not her husband. There's simply too many cases of Brianna and her associates doing similar actions by now to believe otherwise.

Brianna Wu's Repeat Harasser

Main Article: Chloe Sagal Patreon Posts

By far the best-known case of actual Harassment that Brianna Wu has received came from none other than a GamerGate opponent, Chloe Sagal. It's also notable for being one of the rare occasions where Brianna Wu has responded to harassment correctly and in an even-handed manner, necessitating its coverage here.

Chloe Sagal, a GamerGate Opponent, threatens to Murder Brianna Wu.

For those unfamiliar, Chloe Sagal is an individual who became famous for running an IndieGogo campaign - allegedly for her game, "Homesick," but which also included a huge amount of money in order to finance a "lifesaving operation" to remove shrapnel from her body, but in fact, was intending to use the money for Sexual Reassignment Surgery.[108][109] IndieGogo cancelled the campaign (they don't allow charities), and subsequently it became known that she was trying to use the fund to finance her SRS.

With her attempt discovered, Sagal repeatedly began approaching people in an attempt to milk donations and hopefully recoup some of what she had lost. One of the first individuals she approached was Brianna Wu, and she asked of Brianna Wu would signal boost an attempt at a public inquiry into the event. Brianna Wu, understandably not willing to stake her reputation on the line for something that may or may not have been a scam, refused.[110]

When Wu refused, Sagal became increasingly unhinged, repeatedly screaming about her terminal illness and how she was going to die soon. Brianna Wu, for reasons that should be perfectly obvious, wanted nothing to do with someone who was clearly unbalanced, and attempted to disengage, as Sagal was becoming increasingly belligerent and harassing. Chloe showed what appeared to be jealousy over Wu's extensive support network and large number of followers, and began threatening Wu if she didn't help Sagal in a way that was not made immediately clear in the conversation they had. Ultimately Chloe drops pretense and attempts to flat-out extort Brianna Wu, who is having none of it. For daring to keep clear of this insanity, Sagal vowed retaliation - and she would grant it.

Over the next year, Sagal would repeatedly accost Wu on social media, alternately claiming that Wu had been responsible for thwarting her crowdfunding campaign and repeatedly accusing her of participating actively in her own harassment, claiming Brinana Wu had been conspiring with GamerGate to harass her, and even being party to attempts on her life.

All of this came to a head in June of 2016, when Chloe Sagal put forth a lengthy, rambling post on Patreon on how Brianna Wu had conspired against her and how she was planning to kill Brianna Wu in return.

Chloe Sagal also wound up sending a death threat via Twitter that got her account permanently banned. She has since gone on to make additional death-threats against Brianna Wu on Social Media and Patreon. Despite Sagal being a legitimate harasser (and indeed, clearly dangerously mentally unstable), Brianna Wu has never sensationalized her attacks the way she has the likes of Deagle Nation or the attacks from Something Awful, mostly because they do not fit the narrative that all of Brianna's harassment comes from GamerGate. Sagal would later wind up creating multiple new accounts to continue her campaign of threatening Brianna Wu, but she would quickly be banned once again.

Crash Override Network Leaks

Main Article: CON Leaks and Brianna Wu

David Gallant, Ian Miles Cheong, and Katherine Cross (of Feminist Frequency fame) discuss Brianna Wu's Gamerghazi appointment.

On August 25th, 2016, absurdist video game critic and long-time adversary of Brianna Wu Bro Team Pill hosted a series of leaked chat logs from Zoe Quinn's Crash Override Network, an "anti-harassment task force."[111] The logs date back to December of 2014.[112] The revelations of these logs are nothing shy of staggering, including discussing how one of CON's primary objectives is getting people who support GamerGate fired and blacklisted, that CON was aware of multiple harassers and doxers within its own ranks (including several individuals actively doing it), that Ryulong's attacks on GamerGate on Wikipedia were essentially ordered by Quinn in the first place, mass-reporting people for tangentially disagreeing with them, and being directly involved with collusion between the organization and multiple other individuals covered by this wiki.

Most interesting of all, however, were the discussions regarding none other than Brianna Wu. As it turns out, all evidence shows that the initial doxxings and death threats conducted towards Brianna Wu came from none other than this very clique, and that they had gone about "acquiring" Brianna in this fashion and overseeing her stationing in GamerGhazi. True to form, Brianna Wu quickly proved to be completely uncontrollable, leading to the group cutting her off, explaining her seeming fall from relevance within their inner circle.

What Brianna Wu Considers Harassment

When discussing anything that Brianna Wu considers harassment, it is critical to note that what Brianna herself considers harassment is not what most rational people would consider harassment. The following are things Brianna Wu considers harassment:


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