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On March 31st, 2016, the Kiwi Farms conducted a background check (solely through legal channels) of Brianna Wu. The intent was to dig up information on Wu's business history and corporate background, to see if any further claims Wu has made about her background (in addition to the various ones we already knew about) were false.

The reveal establishes several salient facts about Brianna Wu, the biggest centering around the fact that this includes tacit proof that Brianna Wu is John Flynt in the form of Wu's voter registration information. This information incontrovertibly details that Brianna Wu and John Walker Flynt are one in the same person, and, for good measure, also establishes that Socially Unconscious Productions is a "Corporate Affiliate" of Giant SpaceKat Studios.

The reveal is further notable for exposing that Brianna Wu, contary to her claims of being a motorcycle hobbyist, possesses neither a driver's license nor a vehicle registered in her name, though Background Check sites are notoriously sluggish when it comes to updating driver/registration-related data and thus this may simply be out of date, rather than being indicative of Wu lacking a license entirely.

Brianna Wu Career Details

Brianna Wu Career Details A Censored.jpg Brianna Wu Career Details B Censored.jpg


  • The Address for this segment is not censored because it's the same address that was publicly listed as the corporate address of Giant SpaceKat Studios on its own website until October of 2014. Whilst this is also Brianna Wu's personal residence, she herself posted this information multiple times online, including during the "Frank Wu Terrorist Missile" video.[1]
  • This section establishes that Socially Unconscious is, indeed, the project that directly inspired Revolution 60, and further cements the connection between Brianna Wu and John Flynt.

Brianna Wu Voter Registration Information

Brianna Wu Lifestyle Data A Censored.jpg Brianna Wu Lifestyle Data B Censored.jpg Brianna Wu Lifestyle Data C Censored.jpg


Driver and Registration Information

Brianna Wu Lifestyle Data Censored.jpg



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