Avery Binder

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Avery Binder
StrikerWolf1 bathroom.jpg
Selfie of StrikerWolf in his bathroom. He claims his face is dirty because he just ate and didn't bother to wash.
Age 22
Born July 1, 1996 [1]
New York City, NY [2]
Residence Long Beach, NY [3]
Occupation None
Web Presences @strikerwolf1
YouTube Channel

Avery Binder, more commonly known as strikerwolf1, is a super-morbidly obese 19 year old[4] most notable for his furry fetishism, diaper fetishism, racism, and disposition to believing absolutely anything he is told.[5][6][7] After discovering his thread on the Kiwi Farms, he immediately began to insult it.[8] He fixated primarily on the sites owner and has claimed repeatedly that he wants to have him assassinated.[9]


Furry Fandom

Diapers & Ageplay

Racism, Nazism, and Klansman


Avery claims to be Wiccan[10] and capable of using lightning magic.[11][12]


Kiwi Farms

His thread on the Kiwi Farms, a forum about eccentric people like Avery, branded him as a "Moonfaced KKK Loving Babyfur", which he took offense to. He immediately began hunting for the owner, and found pictures (and nudes) that he believed to be of him.

Avery issued a video warning titled warnging from striker wolf report kiwi far.ms stating that he was going to seek help to have the site owner murdered. The response to this was fearful,[13] and strikerwolf was told to not make any more videos about the Kiwi Farms.[14] Ego inflated by this reaction,[15] he donned a wolf mask to (apparently) conceal his identity and issued a second warning: white demon scaring kiwi null from kiwi far.ms. This warning was almost entirely about his intention and capacity to have the admin murdered. He also revealed his belief that the website, and its owner, were a part of ISIS, a militant terrorist organization in the Middle East.

Although the original thread was not posted by Null, in strikerwolf's first video response to the forum, he attributes the thread title and its existence to him. warning of null kiwinull from kiwifar.ms

Videos about the Kiwi Farms


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