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Autphag in his bathroom
Age 27
Born February 27, 1991
Residence Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland
Occupation NEET
Web Presences Autphag's Blog
FAQ on Tumblr
Autphag's Recommended Literature List Kiwi Farms

Autphag (born Chris Gillon on February 27, 1991), currently referred to as Sophie Y'Israeli by those who know him and a name that he uses in his writings, is a racist autist, MtF tranny, and neo-reactionary who is currently residing in a dilapidated flat filled with trash. His magnum opus is Aspergia, a totalitarian government fantasy revolving around him and his belief that autistics should rule over neurotypicals and comparable to Christian Weston Chandler's CWCville and Ahuviya Harel's Australatina. He has had a prolific history of spamming chan boards and web forums with word salads and will argue with anyone that mentions his name. For a while, he was also under the tutelage of David Chac, who was one of the inspirations behind Aspergia.

He was banned from /cow/ and his connection was throttled on Kiwi Farms, leaving him with not many other places to go. His current home is in the Pretty Ugly Little Liars (PULL) forum where he often uses the chat as an outlet for his bizarre posturing, but he was banned from the Chatango chat room that the PULL members post in.[1] He views PULL with about as much disdain as his aversion to Kiwi Farms and its users and has been convinced that the website is also in on a matriarchal plot to drive him to suicide. Autphag often claims that he will commit suicide as an attention seeking mechanism. Autphag has also been posting on /cow/ again four days after the thread was bumped as a response to him wanting to kill his psychiatrist Dr. Hazelgrove.[2]


As described on his own abandoned Tumblr page, Autphag did not start expressing highly conspiratorial viewpoints until the mid-2000s.[3] Even in his childhood, Autphag always had an interest in politics and when conspiracy theories became more prevalent on the Internet, his thinking began to change. As a child, Autphag was into Marxist ideology but his disillusionment with it became apparent and he began to explore race realist and white nationalist figures including but not limited to William Luther Pierce and J. Phillipe Rushton.

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/cow/ on 8chan

Tinychan and Minichan

Kiwi Farms


Pretty Ugly Little Liar (PULL) and Chatango

Aspergia and Autphag's Philosophy

Family, Friends, and Former Acquaintances

David Chac

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Autphag has an adversarial relationship with Scottish Kiwi Farms staff member Vitriol. Their conflict is rooted in the debates that they had in the thread and their interactions often consisted of Vitriol trying to debunk Autphag by pointing out logical fallacies in his reasoning and Autphag responding by either making whole blog posts about him or insulting him based on his ethnicity and race.[4] The following is an example of the kind of interaction that they would often have taken directly from the thread on Kiwi Farms.

"I was not being literal savant. Lol you live in a shithole and are in denial. I've been to Blackburn and it is an utter shithole, anyone stranded there is part of the ned underclass- you might be a NEET rather than a NED technically but don't let your autism fool you the rest of us look down on you and draw no distinction. Big Alan wi his drink problem, Becca m wi her baby, Sophie with her heroin and Chris who wears a dress: you're all the same to us."

"Yet you write like a member of the underclass. Are you sure you aren't NEDkin? You've given a lot of internal thought to what it's like to be a lumpenprole and I do wonder if this is some kind of vicarious sexual fantasy you've been suppressing from us... transstratificationalism... hmmm...."

As their interactions became more heated, Autphag came to the conclusion that Vitriol was by his definition a "Celtonegroid" and an inferior person of color and proceeded to make a whole blog post entitled "Celtenegroids on the Attack" as a means to express his faults with him.[5] Although Vitriol has not met Autphag before in person, he did make a drive to his flat to take a photo of the residence and to talk with people that know him.[6] On April 11, 2016, Vitriol arrived at Autphag's residence at 8:30 A.M. and took the photo of the flat and shared the following account of what else happened:

Autphag's flat.
"I can confirm I was not crowbarred or confronted in any way. I did have an amicable conversation with a gentlemen who had a large dog, a tracksuit, a shaved head and an alarming accent about Chris Gillon and his vital place in the local community. 'its just wrang tha junkies wha puir beat their ma's get tae stay near a park eh? Aye no bother chief, if a see tha cunt ah'll deck tha smelly bastard foar ye' sorry mate, might have cost you a friend there. As an aside, I was talking in supporters last night about this thread."
—Vitriol describing his experience visiting the flat


Luke McKee

Luke McKee is another person of interest on KiwiFarms who posts under the handle VGB-OPSEC. He has come to blows with Autphag a handful of times in the threads about both of them.

Dr. Haselgrove

Autphag has held a grudge against Dr. Haselgrove since early 2015 and has written multiple blog posts about his disdain for her practices. One of the earliest posts that he wrote was titled "Of course I didn't go to my psychotherapist today" where he describes an arrangement that he made with her to do four more visits to her office.[7] In the blog post, he accuses Haselgrove of being a feminist who had been "castigating" him at every turn. He expresses his grievances about Scottish socialized medicine in the following rant:

"The NHS is indeed a death knell for any of the poor saps who deign to still find it in themselves to regard it confidence-worthy. I wouldn’t confide in my encaged amphitheater, even if it had meant to stitch-up an outcome where I’d be spared, for that would be at the expense of millions more. The NHS is more of an exclusively statistical, Fabian affair, than the tragedy of its casualties allow its consideration over. One transwoman who I’d seen fervently in its defence started rambling about how gatekeeping was good because it had killed off his competition. The B’nai B’ritish reform socialism is a psychopathic one that has no consideration for the worthwhile existence of its subjects as members of mankind, rather than numbered targets to hold up in vain boasting, as I might’ve mentioned in various different ways before."
—Autphag himself

To Autphag, Haselgrove represents many things wrong with National Health Service Scotland, which publicly funds the single-payer Scottish healthcare system that is in place.[8] By attacking Haselgrove, Autphag feels that he is also critiquing the current medical system. The way in which the system is set up conflicts with what Autphag wants to achieve with his own government, also fueling the focus on Haselgrove.

Recently, Autphag's opposition to Haselgrove has intensified to the point where he went to her psychiatric office to hand her a letter and also uploading a YouTube video referencing this called "Freemasonic Psychiatry Letter Complete."[9][10] It was done out of a sense that the psychiatrist had betrayed and slighted Autphag and that he needed to have his revenge against her. This is also evidenced by the three-part diatribe that he wrote about her and another YouTube video where he is seen buying knifes and other weapons.[11][12][13]

The full letter can be seen on display in Autphag's last blog post about Hazelgrove in a PDF file.[14][15]

Drug Abuse

Autphag and Conspiracies

Autphag and the Aspergian slave state

Autphag's innate bitterness at a neuro-typical world he cannot enter has engendered the creation of a fantasy world called Aspergia. He envisions Aspergians as a master race who defy the blandness of normalcy. [16]

Aspergia is a wish-fulfillment for Chris. It allows him to reflect back the anger he feels at the wider world by inverting the hierarchy he currently finds himself stuck within. In Aspergia Chris leads a cadre of Aspergians who serve his every wish and the representatives of the Judaic matriachal state that he believes ensnares him will be beaten down into slavery. [17] The failed state of North Korea with its ideology of 'Juche' is typically invoked as the template for Aspergia and Chris would attempt to recreate a version of North Korea's hereditary caste based system, Songbun. This system would be used against those who currently oppose Chris.

The level of depravity to which Gillon is willing to sink was aptly shown to denizens of kiwifarms when he additionally mentioned that one way in which he would allow the upper cadre in his slave state to enjoy themselves would be via sexual slavery. This admission from Gillon, utterly unwarranted, shocked Kiwifarms to its very core. [18] Gloating over the disgust shown at his inhumanity he further suggested that torture could be used in this ideal nation against those he despised.[19]


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