Jace Connors and Autism

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Autism is a spectrum of psychological disorders primarily manifesting itself through impairments of communication and social interaction.[1] Symptoms will present themselves around the age of 3, and are typically irreversible. Autism is treatable, through therapy and medication. Jace Connors has occasionally demonstrated traits common to those suffering from autism, such as his odd mannerisms and obsessive passion for extremely limited interests (drugs, video games and Marine Service). Jace has previously denied he was "retarded"[2], although he has admitted he was placed in Special Education classes for a year[3] and made no argument when Tyce claimed that he failed all his classes "for like two semesters".[4]

Accusations of Autism

The trolling community has accused Jace Connors of suffering from autism, many a time. Typically, his obsession, lack of social grace, and obnoxiousness are cited as evidence. Jace Connors vigorously denies such accusations, to which the trolling community counters by citing his welfare checks and past behavior. However, until definitive evidence emerges of his neurological state, it can only be assumed that Jace does suffer from some form of mental illness, with one candidate being autism.

Jan Rankowski, the actor who portrayed Jace, actually has Aspergers Syndrome and was mentioned in the news when he was 9.

Drug use?

Some members of the trolling community hold that Jace's erratic and obnoxious behavior are entirely the effect of a long history of Marijuana abuse[5]. Indeed, the contents of The Torrent and the end of the Weekly Livestream 5 reveal what heights of insanity Jace can reach after a good drug binge. It is entirely possible that Jace is neurotypical, and his behavior is merely a result of his drug abuse.

Other Autists

  • Jared Kruschev, one of Jace's less popular trolls has been outed as a sufferer of mild autism.

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