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Aura was Vade's de-facto second-in-command and was, during Vade's days on TF2FandomIsProblematic, central to Vade's operations. In many ways, Aura can be seen as direct analogue of Vade's - Aura herself is also an Otherkin Multiple System, differing from Vade primarily in that, unlike Vade, Aura claims to be Demigendered, in that she is part female and part completely-fabricated genders that she made up, similar to Vade.[1]

Aura was central to Vade's development into the harasser most of Tumblr would come to know and dread. An avowed Social Justice advocate, Aura herself was well-known for jumping onto otherwise-positive causes, and then using them, cynically, as avenues of attack for people she disliked. If this sounds familiar, it should - Vade essentially learned this tactic directly from Aura. Aura herself possesses Autism, which Aura became infamous for using to claim that someone without mental health issues wasn't fit to decide whether or not something was ableist - which hits an obvious wall when one considers that Vade herself is a serial self-diagnosis advocate with a rather involved history of openly lying. As such, Aura, for better or worse, frequently fought with people with actual disorders, becoming, in essence, exactly like Vade, ironically calling terms like "stupid" ableist, whilst clearly believing all people with mental health issues are, in fact, stupid. It is not an understatement to say that Vade never would have become what she did without the enabling of individuals such as Aura herself.

Aura was known on TF2FandomIsProblematic as MsPauling. She was originally suspected of being Ghostmod on FurryScumbags, but this was later shown to be not the case. She is, however, tacitly known to be the one who got Vade in touch with the griefer Vade would then hire during The Tanukurin Incident. There was rumors that she had hired the griefer herself, but this was later disproven, by, of all people, the griefer themselves.


Aura, like Vade, cares so much about TF2's canon that she chooses to disregard it.

As MsPauling/Mod Aura, Aura was responsible for day-to-day operations control on both TF2FIP, especially on those rare periods when Vade wasn't around. In many ways, Aura herself is identical to Vade in terms of belief structures - eagerly willing to use call-out blogs as an attack platform, being extremely forward on enforcing personal morality with threats and harassment, and being likewise willing to deny reality when necessary. Also like Vade, Aura was a notorious serial harasser, and one who suicide-baited nearly as often as Vade herself. In many cases, Aura was the first one to use such tactics when part of an organized harassment attempt on behalf of Vade.

For the most part, Aura's posts on TF2FIP either mimic or flat-out reinforce anything Vade says, to the point where several questioned if they were the same poster under different usernames. Aura had a tendency for more exasperated posting, however, and of the two, was more likely to actually listen to what others had to say. Ultimately, however, Aura essentially was a rubber-stamp on Vade on both TF2FandomIsProblematic and FurryScumbags,[2] openly shielding Vade from criticism and handling opposition to Vade when Vade either was unavailable or couldn't be bothered, such as how TF2FIP's practice of call-outs for minimal/fabricated reasons violated US laws against slander.[3]

Aura was notorious, however, for the sheer volume of harassment posts she herself threw at "ableist" things, especially (surely by coincidence) posts critical of Vade and herself. Aura gained overnight notoriety for declaring that "Special Snowflake" - a term developed to make fun of the long-standing Tumblr practice of going out of one's way to being the most non-privileged individual one could be - was an ableist slur,[4] and that words like "stupid," as well as words like "idiot" were likewise ableist slurs.[5] The sheer volume of things Aura claimed were ableist are so numerous and are prevaricated on such patently flimsy reasons as to border on parodic. On several occasions, Aura complained about users not being omniscient with pronouns for people they've never met, declaring that anyone who disagreed with her was "ridiculous and whiny."[6]


Aura began to distance herself from Vade some time before The Tanukurin Incident. Having successfully used Vade as her mouthpiece for so long, Aura eventually realized that Vade had begun to attract attention to herself, and through that, Aura as well. Aura eventually left TF2FIP, though she remains on good terms with Vade to this day. Ironically enough, Aura's departure from TF2FIP marks the exact moment that Vade began to claim she had Autism; without Aura's condition to use as a convenient shield against criticism, Vade essentially decided to give herself that same defense indirectly.


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