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Anthony Aguilar
Anthony Aguilar.png
Anthony Aguilar at Bronycon, 2016
Age 38
Born Illinois
Residence Illinois
Occupation Youtuber
Web Presences Youtube
Alternate Youtube

Anthony Aguilar, also known as ForNoGoodReason or Analysis Daily, is a YouTuber who makes videos about the My Little Pony fandom. His patreon claims he can be "your all access back stage pass"[1], but upon watching his videos it becomes evident that he only reports on petty "drama" within the community, some of which often started by himself. He's gained infamy as a person of interest for his constant need to start drama with everyone and anyone, even if its evident he's incapable of actually succeeding in said drama.


Currently, Anthony operates two series on his main channel: How Not To Brony, a sometimes several hour long video where he comments about random incidents in the community in incredibly scattershot fashion, and "King of Limbo", a podcast where he invites people in the analysis community to discuss topics.

To the casual observer, his videos are also notably poor in overall quality; For a channel whose content is largely audio-based the editing of said audio is rushed and full of noticeable cuts. This is alongside visuals that are often a stretched and compressed collage of pictures that are barely relevant to the discussion at hand with captions and titles that highlight Anthony's inability to use elementary-grade spelling and grammar. Anthony's speech patterns are also noteworthy for being full of awkwardly long pauses in the middle of sentences, random speedups and slowdowns, and inability to keep on topic (often rambling about other subjects or people for minutes on end before getting back on track.)

A thumbnail Anthony used for "How Not To Brony 23: Oblivian Fail". This thumbnail alone highlights how shoddy Aguilars presentation skills are.

It should be noted that while the King of Limbo has attracted some people who are famous in and outside of the Brony community, this is likely because he bribes them with several hundred dollars to come on. In one particular video, Anthony offers a member of the "Analysis community", DigiBrony, several hundred dollars just before the holiday season, even mentioning that this sort of money would be vital for him to buy gifts.[2]

He also runs "Analysis Daily"[3], a channel where he claims the goal is to promote users that are lesser known in the community. This is done by voting in the comments system. Though this sounds good on paper it consequently means that the channel defeats its own purpose, with members who are already well known typically getting featured. It is likely that this is Anthony's poor attempt at looking like he actually provides something constructive for the community he's in, rather than being a petty drama-monger er.

On 8Chan

Anthony first came to peoples attention as a lolcow during one of /cow/'s Jerry Peet threads, when he made a video attacking the threads posters and calling the thread "hate and misery the likes of which I've never seen before"[4] because people made fun of Jerry Peet for not only having a patreon, but also for his defence of Sarah Nyberg. The response to this video was to be expected; with people making fun of him. However, one post called him a moron which consequently struck a nerve with Anthony, who demanded people come onto his podcast, "The King of Limbo" or else be a "dick tuck". This was rejected, which caused him to start ranting on the /cow/ thread about how he was going to make videos on the people who didn't accept his invitation, which never actually happened.[5].

Two users from the /cow/ thread, "TemplarGamer" and "Judge-Bill" sought to go onto the podcast in the hopes that it would shut him up[6], but upon finishing the recording Anthony snapped at them because Templar was too ill to record it earlier. Anthony was also under the impression that they snitched on him to "doritoes pope", who Anthony claimed was a moderator for /cow/ who didn't want Anthony to expose it as a pedophile den and thus banned him. While he was indeed banned by a /cow/ admin due to thread derailing, everything else in that claim is entirely fictitious.

Also at this time, people began digging into his channel and found his delusional ramblings on his alternate account, Fanon Frenzy. In one video, he claims that he can prove "Social Justice Warriors" do not exist because "illinois SJW meetup" brought up no results on both Yahoo or Google[7]. This, as well as his continued ramblings on the Jerry Peet threads, lead to the creation of the first ForNoGoodReason /cow/ thread.

ForNoGoodReason /cow/ thread

The thread, created on the 12th December 2015[8], quickly found itself to be the centre of attention for both Anthony and his friends. On the 18th December 2015, he and his friends decided to raid the thread in the hopes of derailing all discussion[9]. Besides failing miserably and getting banned within 3 hours, this also lead his friends to accidentally revealing more aspects about Anthony that would've otherwise been unknown, such as his foot fetishism.[10].

Since then, Anthony has tried to spin making an ass of himself into a proud achievement, claiming he is the "cow king".[11]

This failed raid then caused members of Horse News[12], an MLP news and drama site ran by users from 4chans /mlp/ board, to provide even more damning evidence against Anthony by bringing up an incident with his former girlfriend, FallenWish.

FallenWish's scam and Horse News

Fallenwish is a My Little Pony analyst and enrolled Therapist, who was also Anthony's girlfriend for some period of time in 2015. She claimed to have suffered years of abuse from her parents, the breaking point being an incident where her father threw a pepsi can at her spine, which she claims left her unable to move for several days[13]. One of her friends, SharkDiscusses, began a gofundme on June 29th 2015 to "help" fallen get out of her current situation. The campaign gained around $2,259 (almost $3000 in CAD), and was ended just before the start of that years BronyCon. Fallen admits someone else paid for the trip, and she herself spent $200 raised by the campaign. Furthermore, she also admits to engaging in a "Bronycon Orgy" in some fashion[14] after kicking out another member of the community, Minty Root, out of their own hotel room to engage in said orgy.[15]

Shortly afterwards, another gofundme campaign was started, and much like the previous one ended right before another brony convention, this time PonyVille CiderFest. Anthony then implied that the funds raised were again misspent on this convention.

“One of the things that she did, she’s like I wanna help out Fallen- or what was it, StarDust and all, and I’m like look, do you know where your next paycheck, or whenever the hell, is gonna come on? Are you working at all? She’s like no. And I was like well, then you need to take care of yourself now. You got helped out once, you got a second one, you need to fucking knuckle down and sit on that. […] Be frugal, because no one’s gonna help you out a third time. […] Since I’ve been completely forthcoming here, I need advice. How would you handle this situation? […] I’m aware something is not kosher. […] Look, if she were completely okay, and she ripped off a bunch of people for $4,000 dollars and she would continue to be okay I’d be fine with that. But the problem is that she’s gonna put herself in a ‘I’m broke and I’m fucked again.’”

— Anthony during a skype call.[16]

After he realised that Horse News planned to report on the suspicious timings of both the fundraisers and her going to conventions in what they believed to be a massive scam, Anthony made threats against its writers, claiming they "let 4 chains chant rape and a girl"[17] and that they "don't have a horse in this race"[18].

This only validated their suspicions, and an article was written exposing FallenWish conning people out of thousands of dollars as well as Anthony's pitiful attempts to cover it up.[19]. They also revealed on the /cow/ thread that at least 30 different accounts that like and comment Anthony's videos are actually alternate accounts and sockpuppets that he uses to make himself look more popular than he actually is.[20]

Unsurprisingly, the article angered Anthony. Since the article came out he's been making false allegations against horse news, and went to great lengths making a "comedy" video that claims the site is a secret organisation of overweight misogynists and communist hispanics. However, anyone fully aware of the situation will likely be under the impression this video exists exclusively as an incredibly petty attack video on the people that exposed his ex.[21]

Anthony Aguilar and Jerry Peet

One of the more baffling aspects of Anthony is his inconsistent love/hate relationship with Jerry Peet. Sometimes he will attack Jerry in his How Not To Brony videos, but at other times he will constantly try to befriend him and praise his content, even though Jerry actively makes it clear he despises Anthony's very existence.

On the 29th June 2016 Jerry made a video that suggested Anthony can't accept conflicting opinions[22]. After this was uploaded, Anthony made a tweet on the 30th asking Jerry if he "wants a piece of me"[23], which resulted in in a video upload on the 1st July[24] where Anthony is on the verge of tears comparing Jerry to the late comedian George Carlin, and thanking Jerry for being on the King of Limbo podcast as well as for defending Fallenwish in the aftermath of the Horse News article.

Jerry was having none of it; after already attacking Anthony on deviantart and calling him a "low grade Keemstar wannabe"[25], on the 11th August he uploaded a video outright attacking Anthony for being "desperate for attention" and "flat out obsessed with me"[26]. Anthony's response was to claim that Jerry's hatred of Anthony is merely a ruse by Jerry, and that he's been trying to troll him all along.[27]

Sometime around September, Anthony contacted Jerry's girlfriend, Lizzy Orchard, pretending to be concerned about one of Jerry's comments. Her response was telling him to never contact or discuss Jerry or her ever again.[28]. Even after Lizzy threatening to take down any videos that dare mention her, Anthony still struggles to get the message and continues to make How Not to Brony videos about Jerry to this day.[29]

In May 2017, Jerry uploaded a glass of water video that featured a picture of Anthony's OC while talking about "nobodies" in the fandom. This insulted Anthony, who in response reacted in a highly irrational manner on numerous social networks[30], including making a 40 minute long response video that Jerry subsequently took down. On May 23rd, 2017, Anthony decided to escalate this drama to ridiculous lengths when Jerry posted on his tumblr that FNGR has been "sending harassing emails to my wife again", supposedly about Anthony telling Lizzy that she's a fake wife and not in a real relationship with Jerry[31]. This resulted in Jerry contacting the police, which Anthony mocked[32]

/cow/ and Kiwifarms leaks

There have been several instances of people defecting from Anthony and revealing his secrets to both /cow/ and the Kiwi Farms. These range from personal anecdotes of his behaviour to leaking entire chatlogs and scripts of his skype account and videos. In one particular instance, this has lead Anthony to privately lash out on innocent people.

The first incident was with one of Anthony's then closest friends, Okizeme. On the 25th march, Okizeme went onto /cow/ to state that they are no longer friends due to an incident involving a video he wanted to copyright strike due to it being leaked by Vida, another associate of FNGR.[33]

Based on some vague evidence, the incident went like this: the leaked video may have involved numerous insults hurled at someone who was just about to be a guest on the King of Limbo cast, so it was fairly obvious why Anthony would not want this leaked. Okizeme called Anthony a hypocrite for letting Vida mirror other potentially controversial videos just fine until this point. Anthony started getting aggressive at Okizeme, calling him a "dumb faggot nigger" and kicking him out, only to use a friend to talk Okizeme out of what he claimed was "crazyness". Anthony then started rambling to Okizeme about how 8chan is a pedophile network. Another user who was highly respected in the fandom by the name of ANYPony also called Anthony out for attacking Fallenwish, which he responded by trying to shift blame on Okizeme because he was "Jerry peets number one stalker", which in turn made Okizeme give up on continuing to argue with Anthony.

On the 11th July 2016, a user by the name of The Janitor came onto FNGR's Kiwi Farms thread[34]. He revealed Anthony offered to help him with entering the brony analysis community, but only if he read out a script for him dedicated to attacking lesser known analysts in the community. Anthony kicked him out after he refused to use it, so he posted it for the thread to read instead.[35]

Around this time, another user by the name of chiKey started to leak chat logs from Anthony's skype group, The Rift Cafe[36][37][38]. These leaks have apparently left Anthony very paranoid, and he's already kicked off one person who wasn't actually involved with the leaks and accused them of being a "filthy gay heretic" and "8 chan scum"[39].

On the 18th April 2017, MovingOnUp joined the farms to provide his side of the story[40]. He was in Anthony's Skype prior to the Fallenwish saga, with Anthony being one of the main reasons he left the MLP community.

He claimed that Anthony is very insecure and that he exploited his security job to be lazy. Furthermore, MovingOnUp says that Anthony akins himself to Petyr Baelish from Game of Thrones, playing multiple sides in the hopes of personal gain for his youtube career. MovingOnUp also suggested that he enjoys cuckoldry, especially in regards to his girlfriend prior to Fallenwish by the name of Nikkers. Much like Fallen, she very publicly cheated on Anthony after raising money to get out of a tough life situation.

Anthony Aguilar and Mister Metokur

Anthony found himself the subject of total humiliation in September 2016 following an attempted fight with Mister Metokur (also known as Jim and Internet Aristocrat). After a 6 month hiatus, Metokur premiered a brand new series called "Deviant's", focused on amusing and weird deviantart fetish communities.[41]

Anthony was very unhappy at the video making fun of inflation fetishes, and commented that he and Jim have "business later". Jim tweeted the comment and made fun of it[42], and after being told of Anthony's prior antics on /cow/ expressed his pleasure at the ensuing storm[43]. That same day, Anthony made a response video where his attempts to attack Jim end up revealing even more embarrassing information about himself, such as dating a furry in his youth and demonstrating clear signs of being autistic as he struggles to understand jokes.[44]

At the end of the video, Anthony offers MisterMetokur to "slap the shit out of me".[44] Mistermetokur happily obliged and announced that same day he would stream a Metocast with him and Anthony in the next week. However, issues began cropping up when Anthony demanded to know the time that he clearly arranged with Jim[45], before eventually deciding to call it off entirely.[46]

Shortly afterwards, Anthony attempted to make another offer with Jim; if Capper General of Horse News goes onto Anthonys podcast, then he would come onto the MetoCast as promised[47]. He even made a video that suggested Jim is the one copping out of the MetoCast rather than himself[48]. This offer was laughed at by both Jim and by Horse News, with MisterMetokur deciding that he would instead make a video on Anthony. This, much like deviants, didn't go down well with Anthony. He released a video on the 16th of September where he claims he isn't offended by the prospect of a video criticising or making fun of him, and that the video in question would probably be "boring".[49]. Later that night, MisterMetokur uploaded his video, which not only discussed the MetoCast affair but also the FallenWish scandal.[50]. Since the video was uploaded Anthony seems to dodge the topic of Jim and the metokast whenever its mentioned.


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