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James Barkley, also known as AnimatedJames or AndySonic is an artist, animator, brony, cartoonsperg, and Sonic fanboy. He was once known as an animator and artist, mostly pertaining to the Sonic the Hedgehog and My Little Pony fandoms. He even started to work on his own cartoon, titled C-Students. Then, his career pretty much hit the skids after /co/ users discovered him publishing fart fetish artwork under a pseudonym. At first, James claimed to be extremely depressed by this, even threatening suicide, but eventually came to terms with everything and "came out" about his fart fetish. This set off a chain-reaction. Despite claiming that this cured his depression, he continued further down the spiral.

AnimatedJames started openly publishing his fetish art, and began to slow progress on his main material. This led to him canceling C-Students. Despite starting a new project called Middle Ground, his career continued to go downhill, from the ridicule from internet trolls, to getting chewed out at a brony convention. Eventually, he broke up with his jailbait girlfriend and went through depression again. Currently, his online presence is defined by mood-swings, depression-driven fits, and lots of fart fetish artwork.