Andrew Peter Carlson

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Andrew Peter Carlson
Andrew peter carlson.jpg
Meet Creepy Carlson, stalker extraordinaire.
Age 27
Born March 26, 1991
Schenectady, New York
Residence Schenectady, New York
Occupation Unemployed
Melinda and her husband Marshall being a cute couple.

Andrew Peter Carlson, also known as Anaiah Carlson, Onieh Carlson and Tamarlover, is a devout Orthodox Essene Jew who has gained internet notoriety for his extreme obsession with a mother of four who goes by Tamar Yael BatYah and Melinda Leigh Scott. He and Melinda met in 2012 through a religious facebook group they shared. He quickly fell in love with her, but he was eventually rejected by her. At that point, he hacked her website and edited it to make it seem like she was admitting to being a prostitute. He also began trying to sabotage Tamar's relationships by telling others, including the men that she had been in relationships with, that she worked as a prostitute. Tamar, angry, decided to cut him out of her life. Eventually he began harassing her by tracking down her location and sending her pictures of her approximation combined with threats that he would visit her in person when she least expects it. Because of this, he was taken to court and slapped with a one year restraining order. This didn't deter him, however. He attempted to get the restraining order lifted but failed so hard at defending himself that the judge doubled the sentence. Tamar has since gotten married to a violent[1] man named Marshall Castersen, also known as Yahsha. The restraining order and Tamar's marriage did not deter Andrew from keeping tabs on her, sending her and her husband desperate emails and making public youtube videos detailing his obsession.

The Lovequest

Andrew has created what he calls "the fourteen year plan". It goes like this: he'll go to college for five years, get a good job and attempt to bribe Melinda with money. This is a common theme. In the past, he has often tried to bribe her to talk to him despite the fact that he has no job and seems averse to working.

His backup plan is "project reconciliation" and will last for fifty years. If Melinda rejects him, he plans on getting her four children to reconcile with their biological fathers in order to anger her. In other words, blackmail.

He has, in the past, considered getting a mask and a voice changer to trick Tamar into having sex with him [2]. He does not believe rape by deception counts as rape because the Biblical character Tamar tricked her stepfather into making love to her and it was alright in god's eyes [3].


Andrew has listed himself on various sites as a member of the Hebrew Roots movement and the first convert to Orthodox Essene Judaism in centuries. A good explanation of his religious beliefs can be found here. Many of his beliefs were shaped by conversations he had with Melinda, who actively stalked her ex boyfriend[4] and openly approved of things like rape by deception. He has purchased a $5000 plot of land in the desert on which he dreams of running a religious community based on ancient Essene customs. The community would grow its own food and would give homeless people free shelter in exchange for physical labor. He believes that slavery is good, mutilating abortion doctors is righteous[5], prostitutes should be executed[6] and Kiwifarmers ought to receive 40 lashes for making fun of him[7]. Perhaps more worryingly, he believes vigilante justice is admirable and has stated that he may one day become a vigilante[8].

Certain beliefs which he used to hold but no longer cares for include things like polygamy. At one point, he challenged random women on youtube to marry him if he could convert them to his religion. He used to confuse his own thoughts for god talking to him and used to think he might become the high priest of Israel. [9]

Past Relationship

Andrew hanging out with Ariel and Yochanon.

Before becoming infatuated with Melinda, Andrew dated a religious and likely schizophrenic single mother nicknamed Ariel[10] he met on the website Nazarenespace . She drove 2,000 miles with her son to meet Andrew in Illinois where he had traveled with some of his family for his cousin's wedding. They had sex a few times and then parted ways. About a month later he flew to Spokane and stayed at her father's house for about four weeks. They were naked the majority of the time, even in front of the ex girlfriend's three year old son Yochanon[11]. During his stay, he attempted to discipline Yochanon in questionable ways such as locking him in the basement alone and giving him a forced shower[12]. Her father eventually got sick of Andrew's presence and kicked him out, so he and Ariel moved to Ohio. The relationship rapidly began going downhill after she admitted she believed he was literally god [13]. Just a few weeks after moving, she dumped him and he went back to live with his parents. After breaking up,she publicly accused him of raping her and kidnapping her son. She called him a monster for cutting off all her hair and said she felt abused because of certain things she was told to do in bed, including licking and fingering Andrew's anus[14]. He also thought it was hot to save up tons of spit in his mouth, spit on her face and spread it all over it in huge gobs[15]. In response to her accusations, he released a video aimed at her son explaining things from his point of view. This made her angry and she asked him to leave them alone permanently. Of course he never stopped. As of 2017, he still stalks her and tries to contact her despite the fact that they broke up sometimes around 2011. She and her son are scared of him. They have accused him of spying on them through their window but he denies these claims [16].

Gallery of Messages

Andrew posted shared some of his private correspondence on Kiwifarms. Here are some of the more interesting messages.

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