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Andrew Dobson
Andrew Dobson.png
Andrew Dobson in real life.
Age 35
Born February 12th, 1983
Web Presences Twitter
SYAC Homepage
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Andrew Dobson, penname Tom Preston, is a webcomic artist who rose to popularity during the mid to late 2000s. Dobson's primary source of fame and infamy comes from his series So... You're a Cartoonist? (SYAC). During this era of early mainstream Internet, many aspiring artists looked up to Dobson, and many teenagers at the time wanted to become a successful webcomic artist like him. This bubble of popularity eventually popped, mainly due to these aspiring artists growing up to realize that Dobson wasn't much of a role model at all.

Today, at the trough of his career, the main source of Dobson's income is unknown. His Patreon barely scratches over $100 a month,[1] so it is assumed he works on commission or as a permanent allocation employee. His attempts at branching out and reaching other, more successful, artists have failed. Most of his followers are trolls or negative onlookers who consider him the epitome of a careercow, or a person of interest whose primary source of entertainment is their failure at an ambition or career. Dobson spends most of his days on Twitter, attempting to appease well-known social justice warriors, perhaps trying to catch a spark of a new audience.

Art Career

Inflation Fetish Art

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So... You're a Cartoonist?

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Being Trolled

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Dobson edits a fan image celebrating the Kiwi Farms thread on him reaching 1000 pages.

Public Humiliations

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Exposed, from So... You're a Cartoonist? on Dobson's loathing of being photographed. Drawn 23-Oct-2013

Dobson has repeatedly been humiliated at conventions and attends them secretively.[2] He hates being seen in public, hates having photographs taken of him,[3] has not announced his attendances at conventions since 2012,[4] and does not set up booths at comic conventions anymore.[5] He advocates implementation of wearable buttons that indicate levels of sociability[6] and worries about trolls "infiltrating" comic cons to find him.[7]

Interactions with Trolls

Dobson manages to avoid interacting with trolls most of the time. Despite having the longest thread on the Encyclopedia Dramatica forums,[8] and a thread with over 1000 pages and a million views on the Kiwi Farms,[9] Dobson has never once posted on either message board. It is speculated that he lurks them (and messages that seem to coincide with thread topics are cited as evidence), but there has never been any evidence that Dobson will do more than acknowledge they exist when prompted.[10]

Social Justice

Be Quiet, from So... You're a Cartoonist?. Dobson rages over the character design of Quiet from Metal Gear Solid. Drawn 12-Sep-2013

Dobson is a staunch defender of social justice, especially in terms of women and creative mediums like comics and video games. He is outspoken against GamerGate and openly follows and encourages the usual cast, including Zoe Quinn,[11] Brianna Wu,[12] and Anita Sarkeesian.[13] Quinn and Wu have tweeted Dobson in response exactly one time each.[14][15] In Wu's tweet, she encourages him to support her less loudly after he complains about criticism for doing so.[16] It is speculated that Dobson tries to gain their attention and praise. His works in 2015 largely cater to a social justice audience, and criticizes what he considers to be a looming sexist overtone in the video games produced today.


Dobson has an incredibly long standing obsession with lesbianism that goes back to his earliest work. Many of his attempts at artistically portraying the LGBT community are done in the guise of lesbian romance.


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