Amberlynn Reid

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Amberlynn Reid
Amberlynn reid jan 2019.png
Amberlynn starts off 2019 at 560lbs.
Age 28
Born December 27, 1990
Residence Monticello, KY[1]
Occupation YouTube Vlogger
Weight 560.0 lb (254.5 kg)[2]
Web Presences YouTube Channel
FBicon.png amberlynn.reid

Amberlynn Reid is a YouTube vlogger. Her videos are typically about her life and chronic dieting. Due to her mannerisms and tendency to lie, especially about weight loss, she has attracted a large amount of negative attention from the people who follow her. As Amberlynn cannot stop herself from responding to these criticisms, much of her time is spent dealing with "haters".

Early Life

Amberlynn was born Amber Lynn Reid on December 27th, 1990 in Key West, Florida. When she was a baby she moved to California with her Mother and Father. Although she has said she didn’t have an overly hard childhood, she also claims that her parents were drug addicts who were abusive to each other.

By the age of 8 she had two younger brothers, and in 3rd or 4th grade she was informed that they were being placed into foster care. Her and her oldest brother were being placed together, and the youngest baby brother was being adopted into a separate home. It turned out to be that the baby brother was put into a closed adoption, so she isn’t sure of his current whereabouts.

Her and her brother were in foster care for a little bit over a year, at which point she was put into a children’s shelter from age 10 to 11, and then was cycled through various foster homes without her brother.

At age 12, her parents decided to get clean and there was a 6-month trial period for Amber and her brother to live with them in their trailer. It ended up lasting two years, but her family was getting worse as it continued on. By age 14 she was smoking weed and got in with a ‘bad crowd’, and her brother was becoming physically abusive with her. Her parents relapsed and their addiction worsened during this time, and her father was selling drugs.

During the end of this trial period her parents separated, Mom opting to live down the block with her boyfriend. At one point, Amber texted her friend and told her that she wanted to die. This friend ended up turning Amber in the next day at school, and Amber wound up in a mental hospital for 6 days for a psych eval. She says she was diagnosed with depression, but had already been on antidepressants since the age of 10, so there was no big change there.

Shortly after returning to school she got called down to the office, and found out she was getting put back into foster care. Amber was returned to the children’s shelter for months and was only allowed a once-weekly day-long visit with her mom and brother. [3]

After a few foster homes, one of which was her own Aunt, she was fed up with the system and when she was 17 joked to her best friend via text that she should move in. This friend ended up letting her live with her family, but things quickly went south. She became more depressed and distant and her and the friend stopped getting along. Amber reports that this friend and her brother began to torture her, and she slowly climbed her way to 420 pounds.

When she turned 18 she moved to Oklahoma to live with her family, where her mom was living and still doing drugs. She was diagnosed with a panic disorder, and it turned out to not be a good arrangement for anyone. Luckily, she was in a long-distance relationship with Kacey and was going to visit her in Arizona. While there, she received a text from her Grandmother stating that she was not welcome to come back to her home in Oklahoma, so she would have to stay with Kacey.

Kacey’s family was not happy about this, and Amber says that Kacey’s mom and boyfriend hated her. The boyfriend reportedly threatened to kill her, and she was abused by them in several different ways. When that ended she moved in with Krystal immediately, and then Destiny, continuing the cycle of moving homes and states for the inevitable future. [4]

She openly discusses these things in her vlogs.[5]


Reid briefly studied criminal justice at the Brown Mackie College in Tucson, Arizona. She did not graduate.

Her YouTube channel was launched on September 17th, 2011 and as of May 3rd, 2017 she has 11,982,190 cumulitive views, 35,766 subscribers, and has 1297 public videos online.[6] She considers YouTube her job and publicly describes herself as an entertainer.[1]


Amberlynn posing on a scooter in Walmart in June 2018.

In her 100 FACTS ABOUT ME!!!! vlog, she claims to have gallstones and a binge eating disorder which contributes to her weight. In addition to eating disorders, she claims to have been diagnosed with chronic depression at the age of 9 and obsessive compulsive disorder. She claims to have been committed to a mental health facility.[5]

By June 2018, Amberlynn admitted she needs to use a scooter for getting around in places such as Walmart and Target.[7]

Romantic Relationships

Cassie/Cassidy/Kasey Cordiva ( 2008 - 2011)

Kasey is a FtM transgender who, at the time of dating Amberlynn, was known as Cassie or Cassidy. They initially met online, and Kasey went out to California for a week to meet her. Eventually Amberlynn moved in with Kasey and his mother in Tuscon, at what point they became stuck with her because Amberlynn’s grandmother declared that she wasn’t allowed to come back to her California home. Their relationship lasted almost 3 years. Amberlynn lived with him during the duration of their relationship, until they broke up so she could date Krystle instead. [8] Retroactively, Amberlynn posted a video claiming she was abused and raped by Kasey, which she later deleted. [9] Kasey uploaded a video rebutting the claims, saying that it was actually Amberlynn who was abusive to him. [8]

Krystle Siviak ( 2011 - 4/1/2015)

Amberlynn was dating Krystle when she began youtube. She lived with Krystle and her parents for a few years until July 2014 when she moved in with Destiny. Amberlynn has stated that in year 2 of their 3.5 year relationship she began to feel unloved and they were drifting apart. [10] In their break-up vlog she said that Krystle was the one that broke up with her, and even though they were fighting she was still shocked. [11] Krystle had told her that she hadn’t loved Amberlynn for the last year, but was holding it together to save her Amberlynn’s feelings. [10] Despite their difficult break-up, they continue to be friends to this day, sending each other Christmas and birthday gifts and occasionally visiting with their new girlfriends.

Destiny Cook (7/3/2015 - 1/13/2017)

Amberlynn began talking to Destiny shortly after her break-up with Krystle, though it has been speculated that they were talking before that. Without having met each other first, they moved in together, Destiny driving out to pick her up from Krystle’s home to bring her to Florida. [12]

In July of 2016 they moved back to Kentucky to be closer to Destiny’s family and live with her mom. It was originally stated that this move was inspired by Destiny’s mom’s failing health, but this turned out to be a lie. [13] Instead, they moved because they were tired of Florida. They moved in with Destiny’s mom for a time before moving into their own apartment, where they lived together until their split.

On January 13th, 2017, Destiny broke up with Amberlynn, a split which Amberlynn said she was, once again, blindsided by. It wasn’t long after that Destiny began dating Dana and moved in with her instead, leaving Amberlynn alone in their previously shared apartment. [14]

Becky Williams (5/26/2017 - Present)

Shortly after breaking up with Destiny, Becky reached out to Amberlynn. The stated reason was that she saw Amberlynn getting bullied online and wanted to make sure she was okay. They began dating soon after, Becky first appearing in a vlog posted 5/26/2017. After Amberlynn’s lease ended and she wasn’t able to find another place she could afford, she moved in with Becky and her roommates Eric and Ricky in August of 2017. She has lived with them in Monticello, KY ever since.


Gracie (Cat)

Gracie was Destiny's cat from her childhood. She went missing on July 18th, 2015, after supposedly being let out accidentally by their roommate. Amberlynn claims that Gracie had tried to run out earlier that day but Amberlynn had gotten her back in the house, only to have her go missing again that afternoon. The vlog in which this announced includes Amberlynn obsessively talking about their new couch while Destiny makes missing cat posters, clearly heartbroken, leading to speculation that Amberlynn might have let the cat out on purpose so she had an excuse to get one of her own. [15]

Wasabi (Cat)

Wasabi was purchased from a pet store as a replacement pet shortly after Gracie ran away. She is supposedly the catalyst for the purchase of Scarlet as well, [16] and currently lives with Amberlynn and Becky.

Scarlet (Cat)

Scarlet's first appearance as a kitten was in a vlog from December 16th, 2015. [17] Amberlynn says she was purchased to be a companion to Wasabi, but after 2 weeks of trying they were unable to convince the cats to get along. In addition, they found out they were only allowed to have two animals in their apartment, and they already had Twinkie and Wasabi. This cat was quickly given to a friend of Destiny's, where it is assumed it still lives. [16]

Jax (Cat)

Jax is a cat that was found as a stray. He was kept inside during the duration of Amberlynn and Destiny's relationship, however during the break-up he went to live outside Destiny and Dana's trailer. This cat currently lives with Destiny's mom because he appears to be a good mouser and is permanently an outdoor cat.

Rarity (Cat)

It's said Rarity was found as a kitten outside of her shared apartment with Destiny, but at a later date Amberlynn was quoted as saying that she was given Rarity by a neighbor. She currently lives with Amberlynn and Becky.

Twinkie Starr (Dog)

Twinkie Starr is an overweight chihuahua that was procured from a friend of Destiny's family. She currently lives with Amberlynn and Becky.

The Damon White Incident

The profile of Amberlynn's fake Facebook account, Damon White

Desperate to know what was being said about her by the haters, Amberlynn used a fake Facebook account under the name Damon White to gain access to the ALRD facebook group. It was a barren profile with the photo of a man, a rainbow flag cover photo, and only likes pertaining to LGBT matters. Throughout her time in the group she referred to herself almost exclusively as ALRD, not understanding that it stood for Amberlynn Reid Discussion and was not a way of shortening her own name.

Under the Damon profile, Amberlynn was very active in ALRD and the associated Discord channel. Although this mainly involved standing up for herself in various conversations, saying things like:

"Most girls her size don't get up and do anything so I give her props to that but she needs to do something soon before it's too late. I have faith she can do this. My grandma was her size and lost 250 pounds years ago."

"I will admit I love her live streams. You never know what to expect LOL but they usually are only an hour to two hours long. ALRD said she walks twinky now and I want to believe her but we live in a society where we don't believe anything unless there's proof"

"But ALRD lied about a few things and made a video and apologized. She always says how she moved on from that. I understand that some people can't stop lying but all we ever do is assume. Myself included."

"I believe ALRD when it comes to being abused. I don't think she is abusive towards her partners and Kasey said how ALRD abused her. ALRD has had two serious relationships since her and neither of them speak of abuse. Krystle still talks to her and buys her shit for xmas"

The group became progressively more suspect as Damon began to stick up for Amberlynn more and more. Finally, around January of 2017 Damon was removed from the Facebook group under suspicion that he was either Amberlynn or leaking screenshots to her. Damon White was officially outed as Amberlynn to the group moderators by the brother of the person who originally gave her the fake account to use. Screenshots were provided of Amberlynn asking for the account login information, providing legitimacy to the claims.[18]