Amberlynn Reid

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Amberlynn Reid
Amberlynn Reid.jpg
A full body picture of Amberlynn after announcing her diet.
Age 27
Born December 27, 1990
Residence Monticello, KY[1]
Occupation YouTube Vlogger
Weight 532 lb (241 kg)
Web Presences YouTube Channel
FBicon.png amberlynn.reid

Amberlynn Reid is a YouTube vlogger. Her videos are typically about her life and chronic dieting. Due to her mannerisms and tendency to lie, especially about weight loss, she has attracted a large amount of negative attention from the people who follow her. As Amberlynn cannot stop herself from responding to these criticisms, much of her time is spent dealing with "haters".

Early Life

Amberlynn claims that she born in Key West, Florida and grew up in a trailer park with both parents addicted to drugs. Her father attempted suicide multiple times in front of her, and she claims to have been molested. She entered the foster care system at 8 years old, staying in it for the duration of her childhood and living in 5 different states in the process. She also claims to have lived in group homes and shelters. She has 3 younger brothers, but two were adopted into closed adoptions which prevents her from keeping in touch. She grew obese at an early age, and claims the lowest weight she can remember being in 290lb/132kg at the age of 11. As an adult, she discovered that she had been born addicted to drugs.

She openly discusses these things in her vlogs.[2]


Reid studied at the Brown Mackie College in Tucson, Arizona and graduated with an associate degree in criminal justice.[1] There is no indication she ever used this degree.

Her YouTube channel was launched on September 17th, 2011 and as of May 3rd, 2017 she has 11,982,190 cumulitive views, 35,766 subscribers, and has 1297 public videos online.[3] She considers YouTube her job and publicly describes herself as an entertainer.[1]


Amberlynn posing on a scooter in Walmart in June 2018.

In her 100 FACTS ABOUT ME!!!! vlog, she claims to have gallstones and a binge eating disorder which contributes to her weight. In addition to eating disorders, she claims to have been diagnosed with chronic depression at the age of 9 and obsessive compulsive disorder. She claims to have been committed to a mental health facility.[2]

By summer of 2018, Amberlynn admitted she needs to use a scooter for getting around in places such as Walmart and Target.[4]