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Alison Georgia Rapp
Alison Rapp.jpg
Age 29
Born April 2nd, 1989
Hennepin County, MN
Residence Seattle, Washington
Occupation Prostitute
Web Presences

Alison Rapp is a disgraced former product marketing specialist for Nintendo.[1] She rose to infamy in late February 2016 when people discovered her thesis paper written for Augsburg College advocating the legalization of child pornography.[2] There was notable public outrage over her position.[3][4] Alison's opponents claimed that a child pornography advocate should not work in a toy company. Alison's allies contended that her personal beliefs should not matter, and that this was merely a coordinated GamerGate attack to remove a woman from the video games industry. Members of GamerGate denied the outrage stemmed from them,[5] but her employment was terminated regardless on March 30th, 2016.[6] Nintendo's official reason for letting her go cited her moonlighting as a model on the side,[7] not the opinion on child pornography.

On April 10th, 2016, users on the Kiwi Farms broke the story that her moonlighting was actually career prostitution.[8] Many nude photos of her surfaced from her Maria Mint website offering her services.[9] Alison later took down the site after the story broke.[10]


The controversy over Alison Rapp and her career appears to have started with a Medium article explaining her connection to child pornography advocacy.[3] From there, many other outlets took the news, while other outlets such as Kotaku defended it.[11] As the event came to a head, Jamie Walton of the Wayne Foundation[12] tweeted that she had reported Rapp to her supervisors and that they would take action.[13] This triggered aggression from Alison's proponents,[11] who claimed Walton had either been tricked by, or was an active part of, GamerGate.[14]

Rapp defends a pedophile arrested for possession.

Pedophile Apologism

After the discovery of her thesis papers, users began to comb through her Twitter history to find more information on her stance. Cautious observers were wary of exaggerated truth; they did not want to fall victim to an outrage machine that was overblown. A collection of widely-circulated Tweets surfaced with incriminating quotes that illuminated the depth of her stance.[15]

  • She defends the possession of child pornography and the pedophiles who possess it.[16]
  • She defends actual photography and video of abused children, not just illustrations like lolicon or shotacon.[17]
  • She supports the idea of child sexual agency, including lowering the age of consent. She frequently cites the Japanese age of consent, which is 13.[18]

There is no evidence that Alison Rapp is a pedophile herself.

Thesis Paper

Her thesis paper, titled Speech We Hate: An Argument for the Cessation of Internation Pressure on Japan to Strengthen Its Anti-Child Pornography Laws, covers a wide range of issues regarding child pornography laws around the world. It focuses primarily on the United Nations's attempts at forcing Japan to legislate and enforce stricter stances on child pornography possession and trade. It was found on her public LinkedIn profile.[19]

I side with the camp that argues not only for less strict legislation against the simple possession of child pornography (the creation and dissemination of child pornography depicting real children is a whole other matter entirely), but also for the abatement of the pressure put on Japan for its "lax" and rarely enforced laws. Clearly, shaming Japanese politicians like Keiji Goto in Japan's National Police Agency, or allowing Western media to trivialize Japan's positions on child pornography as being blatantly and perversely anti-child, will ameliorate the conditions of children all over the world—not in Japan, not in Eastern Europe, not in Africa, and not in the United States or Western Europe. The conditions that encourage child abuse, child prostitution, and child trafficking, likely have little, if nothing, to do with people possessing even a morally questionable type of media. Instead of directing its efforts at wiping out child pornography (especially child pornography depicting fictional children, being that there is almost no proof that real children are ever harmed in the creation, distribution, or possession of it), nations like the United States should be focused on improving domestic healthcare options, educational opportunities, job markets, and other social, political, and economic solutions that quantifiably help keep children (and adults at-risk) out of illegal and damaging exploitative situations. Japan has already this; and, being that Japan has signed the United Nation's Convention on the Rights of the Child, and has a much lower rate of child abuse than many Western states, I believe it is time for the United States and other countries to learn from their Eastern neighbor: Censoring media, however questionable, does not solve societal ills.

Clearly, further research on the effects of child pornography should be conducted. I believe George Gerbner's Cultivation Theory, which as previously explained, states that people who watch violent television are simply more apt to believe that the world is violent, not that they should commit acts of violence, is a theory that may be expanded to include media such as child pornography. It is also important to devise some way that nations may control the reach of child trafficking and child prostitution without infringing on the rights of nations to censor, or not censor, domestic media—and the solutions must be international in scale. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Child, especially the Second Optional Protocol, was plainly a step in ther ight direction, but was not a bull's-eye soluton, and clearly encourages naitons to judge others that do not strictly legislate against child pornography. Future conventions, and other international agreements, should seek to ameliorate the living conditions of children all over the world, and transnationally, while remaining respectufl and tolerant of the domestic laws of signatories. Furthermore, Western media outlets reporting o child pornography research and alws should do more to recognize the compelxity of the media and the debates regarding its creation, distribution, and possession. Child pornography is not the cause of societal issues regarding children, and its total eradication should not be considered a solution to these ills. It is a red herring issue, and both politicians and the media would do well to recognize it as such.

— Alison Rapp, Speech We Hate: An Argument for the Cessation of Internation Pressure on Japan to Strengthen Its Anti-Child Pornography Laws[2]



Alison Rapp worked for Nintendo as a Product Marketing Specialist from August 2013 to March 2016. According to her LinkedIn profile, she was the product marketing lead on several games such as Bayonetta 2 and Yoshi's New Island, and also a product marketing back-up on other several games such as Super Mario Maker and Tomodachi Life. She was also part of the Treehouse staff at the Nintendo of America.[19][1]


Alison Rapp worked alongside her Nintendo career as a call girl. Her prostitute name was Maria Mint, and her call girl website was located at mariamint.com.[9] This is what allowed Nintendo to formally terminate her contract, and she excused herself from responsibility by claiming she needed the extra money to pay off student loans.[20]

These photos were published on her official Maria Mint website advertising Alison Rapp's sexual services before it was taken down.[21]

Life after Nintendo

Alison Rapp's life continued to deteriorate after her illegal prostitution cost her her job at Nintendo. Her husband Jake left her and moved in with his girlfriend just a few months after the firing, and Alison has had to rely on the thirstiness of internet men to pay her bills as instead of getting an actual job Rapp has resorted to shilling heavily edited nude photos of herself. After Jake left her, Alison currently lives alone with a dog and a cat in a pricey Seattle apartment she can barely afford, and which constantly stinks due to the diet of the inhabitants.[22]

Marital Woes

Shortly after Alison Rapp was fired from Nintendo, her husband Jake Rapp quit his job at Cafe Mario to avoid being fired[23] for being the husband to Maria Mint or just in case they knew he was also "escorting" as Beau Parker.[24] Even after it resulted in both of them losing their jobs, Jake would later defend his and Alison's decisions to be prostitutes because he wanted to be able to live a "weird life" despite being 'thrown a bone' by Nintendo.[25] He also believes he could still be living his "dual life" had he been working at "some dipshit company" instead of Cafe Mario, but admitted he and Alison both knew they would be fired if their illegal activities became known.[26]

In June 2016, Jake Rapp began attending a coding bootcamp and seems to have moved in with his polyamorous girlfriend Fran to be closer to the camp.[27] Jake also posted a Tumblr blog where he complained about Alison's borderline personality disorder (BPD) making his life hell.[28] With Jake drifting away from her, Alison also tried to learn to code in June but gave up and quietly stopped mentioning her progress after constantly struggling and begging people for help on Twitter.[29] In a post on her Patreon, Alison claimed she had been doing "programming coursework" from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology[30], however, after Alison was posting screenshots of her "programming coursework" on Twitter to complain how hard it was, a user on the Kiwi Farms recognized that Alison was really using CodeAcademy and was still struggling to comprehend it despite having her hand held in the most basic of excercises.[31]

In early July 2016, Alison had a BPD meltdown resulting in a visit to the hospital[32] which was most likely caused by marital strife with Jake since he had moved in with his girlfriend and left Alison to move herself out of their former apartment.[33] In the following weeks and months, Jake's social media became full of mentions of him doing things with Fran and almost no mentions of Alison, Jake even took Fran on vacation [34] to North Dakota in August 2016 while Alison was left in Seattle.[35] Meanwhile, Alison generally stopped mentioning Jake on social media (she completely avoided mentioning him for the duration of his bootcamp) and would frequently talk about how "alone" she was.[36]

In February 2017, a Kiwi Farms user unveiled that the Rapps had filed for a dissolution of their marriage.[37]

Post-Nintendo "career"

On May 29th, 2016, Alison Rapp started a Patreon account[38] after being out of work for over a month. She claimed it was so she could get "support" for her "sex-positive and other socially conscious & sometimes risky work."[39] The Patreon page initially claimed she would be "creating intersectional shenanigans"[40] and Rapp was hoping for at least $4,000 a month, a fraction of which ($700/month) was said to be going towards producing nudes/cosplay photos of herself, while Rapp was seeking $1,800 a month to pay off her steep Seattle rent[41] and not have to "sell" her "body and soul" to the "corporate world," Rapp was wanting up to $4,000 a month so she could spend it on bills, pay off the student loans (the same ones she claimed she was doing her "anonymous moonlighting" to pay) and "speak out about all kinds of taboo topics like sex work and mental illness."[42] Similar to her escort ads, Alison Rapp was also selling a chance to talk to her in group or "PRIVATE" chats as part of the Patreon reward tiers.[43]

In combination with the Patreon, Rapp also set up a Storenvy account to peddle nudes and other photos of herself.[44] These images are heavily edited (with Rapp sometimes editing nude photos of herself at a local coffee shop[45]) and ludicrously priced, with Rapp demanding hundreds of dollars for each digital print[46] because she is scared "trolls" would buy them and distribute them.[47] On May 19th, 2017, Rapp's Storenvy account was found to be in violation of the Store Owner's Agreement due to Rapp selling "pornography."[48]

Around January 2017, the Patreon was changed to no longer advertise the creation of "intersectional shenanigans" and instead proclaimed that Rapp would be "creating photos, charity, and social good."[49]

In June 2016, as part of her Patreon 'content' Alison Rapp began writing Medium.com "diary" entries, primarily about her mental illnesses, particularly Borderline Personality Disorder.[50] These writings reveal some disturbing things, such as Rapp recommending people claim animals are "emotional support animals" so they can bring dogs anywhere they want including having it take up a seat on an airplane for free[51], and her descriptions of a BPD freak out in early July 2016 when she was forced to move out of her apartment and was having marital issues with Jake, resulting in Alison punching herself in the head, slamming her head against the wall, then strangling herself with a belt, repeatedly[52], resulting in a trip to the hospital.[53]


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