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Alex Mauer, AKA Lexi Mauer
Age 35
Born Alexander Thomas Mauer
January 28, 1983
Residence Pennsylvania
Occupation Composer
Web Presences

Alexander Thomas Mauer, also known as Lexi Mauer, is a video game music composer, best known for his one-man campaign of terror against his former employers and critics of his behavior online, to the point where he has issued multiple death threats against those covering his behavior. A rare example of someone so toxic and deranged that even identity politicians want nothing to do with him, Alex has systemically alienated every single individual who was foolish enough to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Like many others covered by the Kiwi Farms, Alex Mauer claims to be transgendered and has neither a dysphoria diagnosis nor has made any reasonable attempt to transition beyond claiming to be a woman. Alex is known to become violently angry and incredibly petty over people not viewing him as female, despite looking absolutely male. He's been known to DMCA videos that show his current appearance, report accounts that display images of him on Social Media (arguing that he's being "deadnamed"), and launch death threats to those who don't comply. His offline behavior is little better; in a series of videos Mauer uploaded to his Twitter, he can be seen walking around and demanding to use the women's restroom in various establishments, responding with petty vandalism when they took to long to respond to his unreasonable demands.[1]

The tragedy of Alex Mauer is that prior to his meltdowns, he was a well-known and widely-respected video game composer, well-known for making chiptunes.

Starr Mazer DSP/Imagos Debacle

Alex Mauer first rose to the attention of the Kiwi Farms during his attempts to extort Imagos Softworks. After Imagos launched their new shooter, Starr Mazer DSP, Alex Mauer decided he wasn't being properly compensated. His response to this, rather than seek legal redress for this alleged lack of compensation, was to drop a DMCA takedown on Steam, forcing Starr Mazer to be taken down. To follow this up, he began spamming DMCA takedown notices at seemingly random Youtubers who happened to be covering Starr Mazer at the time.[2]

Alex Mauer explains that DMCA-ing people was an attempt to rally them against Imagos.

Alex's professed reasoning was that he wanted them to complain to the developer on his behalf. Unsurprisingly, these Youtubers did not take kindly to Alex Mauer abusing the DMCA takedown system, and began to call him out on this behavior.[3] Alex's responses were anything but rational or reasonable, and he primarily screamed about them bringing up his "deadname" and similar information that portrayed Alex via his birth name.[4]

It is critical to note that Alex's claims against Imagos Softworks have changed repeatedly since the incident began in June of 2017. Alex has alternated between claiming to have not been paid for time worked, not being paid for the right project, and more recently, more outlandish claims, such as Imagos Softworks being involved in a plot to defraud him.

Imagos Softworks Responds

Imagos told a very different story than Alex does, and, unlike Alex, actually has evidence to back up its claims.[5] In 2016, Alex Mauer experienced unspecific medical issues that prevented him from doing further work on behalf of Imagos Softworks. Several of Alex's associates have alleged that this unspecific "medical issue" was Alex deciding he was transgendered. Imagos paid Alex for the work he had already done (and more), before Alex turned around and demanded even more money for his alleged medical problems.

Despite Imagos offering many generous deals, including royalties for the soundtrack and even a cut of the game's profits, Alex refused, simply demanding even more money - despite being paid roughly 91.5% of what his contract was originally for. Alex was the one who escalated by issuing a DMCA Takedown request to Valve, forcing their game's early access release to be suspended, pending investigation. Imagos immediately filed a counterclaim, and when Alex was mandated to provide proof of a DMCA violation, Alex could not provide it, leading to Starr Mazer DSP being unsuspended.

Imagos Softworks, in a gesture of goodwill, removed Alex's music from the game and re-uploaded it to Steam - only for Alex to DMCA it again, this time claiming that he owned the game's sound effects as well. Alex then went on to continue his assault elsewhere, finding additional videos of Starr Mazer DSP and manually issue additional DMCA takedown notices. Alex also uploaded Starr Mazer DSP's removed soundtrack to both her personal Bandcamp, asking for $1000, as well as on her own YouTube channel. By all accounts, Alex went on to issue hundreds, several of which resulted in the removal of several channels. [6] Alex additionally began to branch out, DMCA-ing any video that happened to be covering Alex Mauer's behavior or featured him at all, most notably of those videos was a text interview with Mauer, done by a Canadian YouTuber that goes by the moniker "Musical Anti Hero". [7][8]


Alex Mauer's response to public images of himself: white-hot rage.

Alex Mauer would intensify his efforts, going on to declare that he would re-DMCA every single video that successfully had their DMCAs disputed.[9] By June 28th, Alex Mauer had gone on to issue multiple death threats against not only Imagos Softworks' lawyer, Leonard French, but several individuals who were covering the controversy, such as SidAlpha, a Youtuber who covers controversies in games.[10] On June 29th, 2017, Alex Mauer would go on to issue a DMCA takedown of an unrelated game, River City Ransom: Underground on Steam claiming that the game has his music - but due to Mauer's previous escapade, Valve blocked the attempt. Mauer then went on to approach the game's developer, Conatus Creative, Inc., and stated that he fully intended to start issuing DMCA takedowns to Youtube videos of the game if Conatus didn't take the game off Steam entirely.[11]

On July 1st, 2017, Alex Mauer would be subjected to an involuntary psychiatric hold, citing his increasing instability.[12] It was hoped that, at the time, this would be the end of the saga that was Alex Mauer's one-man campaign of terror. Jim Sterling would eventually cover Mauer, expressing sympathy and placing the blame for Alex's assault on Youtube's lack of human oversight.[13]

Sadly, it was not. Two days later, Alex Mauer returned from his involuntary psychiatric hold, apparently having learned nothing and already beginning a new wave of DMCA attacks.[14] Further driving home Alex's instability, he apparently completely cut ties with his family after the 302 hold, stating that his family had "sided with his harassers against me." For good measure, he also DMCA'd Jim Sterling's video covering Mauer's debacle despite it pretty much entirely painting Mauer in a sympathetic light.

Fed up with Alex's attacks, Imagos crowdfunded a legal response and met their goals in less than 24 hours.[15] For his own part, Alex proceeded to go after Turner Broadcasting, over Alex's music being used in another game. Alex was eventually banned from Steam entirely due to his multiple false DMCA attacks.[16] Meanwhile, Alex Mauer's YouTube channel (the one where she uploaded Starr Mazer DSP's removed soundtrack) was taken down via DMCA by an internet troll, and Alex Mauer himself was served a court summons. [17]

The Narrative Turns

On July 15th, 2017, Destructoid's Jonathan Holmes put up a puff-piece on Alex Mauer, attempting to paint Alex as the innocent victim in all this and trying to establish that they had no idea why Alex was harassing Conatus Creative over River City Ransom: Underground.[18] Especially egregious because Destructoid had reached out to Leonard French for comment, only to use none of his interview.[19] It was later revealed that Destructoid had given Alex preferential treatment in exchange for the interview.[20] This was quickly matched with an article from ArsTechnica along the same lines.[21]

Both ArsTechnica and Destructoid wound up editing their articles to dampen some of the blastback they recieved; in response Alex went outright hostile towards these same journalists and essentially admitted to agreeing to the interviews only because they were going to cover him favorably. By this point, no one was on Mauer's side; anyone could see he would cheerfully throw supporters under the bus for failure to completely capitulate to his demands. Ultimately, Jonathan Holmes wound up fired from Destructoid over this.[22][23]

On July 17th, The Daily Caller covered the Alex Mauer saga with brutal honesty, bringing up that Alex was no innocent victim and had been involved with a number of unsavory practices, including the doxing of a 15-year-old.[24]


On June 30th, 2017, Leonard French, Imagos' legal representation, officially documented that they were bringing Alex Mauer to court.[25] Further driving this home, it was revealed that Alex fired his lawyer for "misgendering" him, and then proceeded to harass him when he stopped helping him.[26] Alex would chase this by claiming to be a lawyer, and claiming to have an army of lawyers, claiming to hate all lawyers.[27]

On July 13th, 2017, Imagos successfully got a restraining order filed against Alex Mauer.[28] The restraining order states, amongst others, that the Defendant shall not issue further copyright claims or takedown notices, including DMCA takedown notices, for any work relating to Starr Mazer, and that the Defendant shall refrain from making threats of harm and physical violence against the Plaintiffs or the Plantiff’s lawyer. Alex had 30 days, at this point, to get another lawyer and respond. Immediately after this, Alex locked onto River City Ransom Underground, going after the developer of it, Conatus Creative, until they decided to remove Mauer's music entirely from the game and replace it.[29]

On August 15th, 2017, Alex stated his intent to represent himself in court, presumably because no one else would take his case after the incident with his previous lawyer.[30]

It is now a dreadful inevitability that he will face civil penalties for his actions, and possibly criminal ones as well.

Criminal Record and Psychological Instability

Alex Mauer's infamous meltdown in October of 2016.

Incidents like Alex's meltdowns, death threats, and more committed during the Imagos Software debacle are not isolated incidents. Quite the contrary, Alex has a long and well-documented history of unstable, violent, and belligerent behavior, both on and offline. He has done these to the point where he has been subjected to numerous 302 orders (an authorization for emergency psychiatric analysis).

The first one on-record is from August of 2016; in this incident, Alex apparently stole several things and was taken in for disorderly conduct, before plea-bargaining down pending psychiatric evaluation.[31][32] Alex was placed on a year of probation for this incident. Interestingly, this incident is why Alex Mauer has been unable to change his name, as he is unable to while on probation.

A scant two months later, Alex wound up faced with a second 302 order leveraged at him. According to allegations from anonymous sources, Alex began to declare that he had been raped by a family member as a child, and apparently wanted to sue his entire family over it decades later. His father apparently attempted to stop him, at which point Alex physically assaulted him. When Mazzoni Center (the mental health center Alex was sent to during his second psych hold) refused to entertain his delusions, Alex apparently fled, and sought legal help from Women Organized Against Rape, a nonprofit organization which helps with legal and medical recovery for women who have been raped.

As Alex not only is not a woman, but also emotionally unstable and attempting to report a rape from decades ago he was rejected by the service. Alex responded by flipping out and trashing their office, demanding they give him a knife so he could castrate himself, and threatening people until he was apprehended by police and placed in under psychiatric supervision. This allegation is backed by Alex's own words on the matter, as his facebook had his post on his frontpage until he deleted it. Alex's father apparently neglected to press charges.

Even when not actively on the offensive, Alex's propensity for violent and antisocial behavior is well-known. He routinely threatens suicide in order to get critics to back away from him and he is relentless with attacking anyone who dares criticize his delusional behaviors. On Twitter, he is known for engaging in marathon rambling sessions, intended to make him seem more psychologically off-kilter in an effort extort peoples' sympathies.[33]

Court Documents filed during the Imagos Debacle would establish that Alex was knowingly and maliciously misrepresenting himself in order to stall for time, and essentially admitting he was in the wrong.[34]


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