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Alex C. "Allie" Leal
Alex Leal, a man who pisses and shits himself while wearing diapers in public and claims to be a woman.
Powerword: Alex Christopher Leal
Aliases: Alexandria Christina Leal (current legal name), Allie, BinaryVixen899, EternallyEmily, Emily Saphira Chance, KevinLivek
Born: December 26, 1994
Address: 6550 Holly Terrace South Seattle, WA 98118
Orientation: Snowflakegender
Fetishes: Nazism · Furries · Diapers · Piss · Rape

Alex Leal is a 23 year old man from Mukilteo, Washington. A graduate of the University of Washington's Michael G. Foster School of Business, he is the son of John and Paula Leal. Alex also has a sister, Jennifer. He is currently in a relationship with Krzysztof Drewniak. Leal is a man with a mission, and that mission is to be the most oppressed victim of GamerGate. To this day he is convinced that there is a conspiracy by GamerGate to kill him either directly or indirectly.

One thing has become very clear over his years of internet history, and that he's responsible for every single bit of misfortune he's faced from trolls and lolcow enthusiasts. It all began for him when he antagonized /baphomet/ under the mistaken impression that they were the main base of GamerGate activity on the internet, and continued over time as he made it a goal to take down Kiwi Farms for exposing his friends as hypocritical and deranged.

He is a noted Nazi enthusiast, having gone by "DesertFox899" in tribute to Erwin Rommel for several years before changing it to "BinaryVixen899".

He has confirmed he is not happy about this article while mostly not disputing its general accuracy.

Early Childhood

Alex alleges that he was sexually assaulted at knife-point by a male teacher while he was in kindergarten.

Special Snowflake-ism

Because Alex was brought up in the politically correct hellhole known as Washington, and was showered in participation trophies by his family and the public education system, he has begun to believe that he is special. At the same time, he believes he's "marginalized" by society, which owes him special treatment and to bow to his every whim, lest they be secret GamerGators out to kill him.

As he is attempting to become tumblr incarnate, here is a list of identities and mental illnesses he has claimed.



-Genderfluid, non-binary

-Transgender woman

-"Multiple Personality Disorder"




-Non-epileptic seizures

-Goes by "shi/her" pronouns


-Autism (the only medical condition he is confirmed to have)

Much like known pedophile Shmorky, Alex is a babyfur.

On January 10, 2018, Kiwi Farms user Little Minion discovered that Alex had an alternate Twitter account. Under the username _EternallyEmily, Alex posted about his Multiple Personality Disorder and his incontinence, things that he was too embarrassed to talk about on his main Twitter account until March 2018, when he went on a rant about his thread on Kiwi Farms.

Since then, Alex has made no effort to pretend this alternate account doesn't belong to him, even further linking the two with multiple confirmations of facts known and suspected as true about Alex, yet Alex claims the Kiwi Farms is responsible for this when, by his own words as taken from the alternate account, he was the one who decisively eliminated all doubt the alt account was his.

GamerGate: A New Challenger Approaches

Alex was a frequent poster on r/GamerGhazi, a hub for rabid hypocritical psychopaths to circlejerk about how GamerGate and the Salt-Right are literally Mecha-Hitler on steroids coming to rape/murder all women and black people in the vidya industry.

Eventually /baphomet/ on 8chan found him because they were running ops to dox everybody even tangentially involved in GamerGate. This lead Alex to go on the war path. And while most evidence of this time period is gone, a few remnants remain.

Awex vs Baphomet


Taking Down a New Zealand Bird Forum

Kiwi Farms eventually took notice of people in Alex's immediate friend group who were harassing fat feminist Randi Harper and had inserted themselves into the Social Autopsy drama in early 2016. A thread was started on a woman called Nora Reed, and Alex jumped to white-knight her and spoke of having "several ideas" on how to take down the "harassment" website.

This continues his pattern of self-destructive attention seeking started with the baphomet incident.

Suicide Baiting

Alex is convinced that everybody on the planet wants him dead, has threatened to kill himself over being laughed at, and even lied about trying to attempt it. He truly believes that nebulous internet boogiemen want him to kill himself, despite nobody caring about him enough to hate him that badly.

It's worth noting that, to date, Alex has been unable to produce any credible threat to his life and safety that would pass muster with any reasonable person, but he still insists his life is danger from people who choose to mock his public words and actions on forums outside the ones he posts on, even though he makes a habit of goading said forums for attention first, then he cries about being the victim.

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