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Isabel Rosa Araujo
Age 33
Born Phillip Vincent Haskins-Delici
12 August, 1985
Woodbury, New Jersey
Residence Portland, Oregon
Occupation None
Web Presences FBicon.png Facebook
Current dA

Isabel Rosa Araujo (born Phillip Vincent Haskins-Delici and formerly known as Ahuviya Harel, often referred to as ADF) became a person of interest in 2008. He grew up on the East Coast of the United States and enjoyed the carefree life of a gay college student and anime appreciator. A series of setbacks in his personal life led him to seek solace in cosplaying, and by the middle of 2009 he had established a pattern of behavior whereby he would adopt the attributes of the characters he cosplayed, in an attempt to bring meaning and motivation into his directionless life. Dressing up as Sakura from Naruto led ADF to realize he was in fact a woman, and China from Axis Powers Hetalia turned him into a Communist overnight. This all took place against a backdrop of constant conflict with his mother, with whom he lived and occasionally beat up.

By 2011 his domestic situation became intolerable to him, and he left home to stay with a succession of leftists and LGBT persons in Philadelphia. He was evicted or asked to leave multiple times due to his behavior. Having exhausted all of his support on the East Coast, he went west in 2012. This did not lead to an improvement in his situation as his west coast new acquaintances were no more tolerant of him than the ones he left behind. He spent several years dividing his time between Oregon and California, sleeping under a wide variety of bridges and anarchist crashpads. After being approved for SSDI, ADF has more recently taken residence in Portland with his partner in a government housing complex for people with special needs. Incurably narcissistic, ADF has written about himself at length, allowing the conscientious reader to build up a detailed picture of his life.

See also: List of known ADF aliases for ADF's name-changes, usernames, and pseudonyms.

Early Years, 1985 - 2005

See also: ADF and Autism, ADF and Family

Early-early: Childhood

ADF was born Philip Vincent Haskins-Delici on August 12, 1985 at Underwood Memorial Hospital in Woodbury, New Jersey to Angelo Delici and Jacquiline "Jackie" Haskins. ADF was born when both of his parents were in their thirties, Angelo was 38 and Jackie was 30-34. Angelo was a man of Italian descent and Jackie was a white bread disabled woman. ADF also had an older brother named Nicholas and an unknown half-sister, but little is known of ADF's relationship with them before ADF became an adult. Nicholas has been described as having severe developmental difficulties and seems to live in an assisted living facility. ADF made the claim that he was conceived as a result of marital rape, but this accusation is unverified by anyone other than ADF himself, who is an unreliable source and never mentioned the incident beforehand.

ADF had displayed some of the classic signs that is recognized in autistic children when he was only a year old. ADF also had to receive counseling when he was just a one year old. ADF later claimed an unstable home life as the reason, but he was developing later than the average child. He was diagnosed as autistic when he was just two years old. ADF wasn't potty trained until he was four years old, despite Angelo's attempts. ADF claimed it to be "proof" of his gender confusion, but autism is more suspect. He was also kicked out of school at the age of six due to fighting and destroying the classroom, another behavior that is normal for autistic children as well.

ADF claimed to have also had a turbulent home life. The extent of where the truth ends and ADF's fabrication of the truth begins is unknown. However, ADF claimed his father to be the aggressor in the situation, physically abusing both ADF and Jackie. ADF's parents were on the brink of divorce and such matters can lead to a volatile situation; documents show the couple filed for bankruptcy at some point. ADF has made the accusation that his father beaten him as a baby and toddler, but no record of receiving medical attention or child services intervention is known. ADF's claim that his elementary school teachers, state mandated reporters, would check him for bruises and did nothing about it. On a lighter note, ADF grew up in a typical Catholic Italian-American household. His parents visited the Roman Catholic church and ADF was even enrolled in CCD classes at St. Matthews School.

Circa 1994, ADF's parents divorced and Angelo was given visitation rights. According to ADF, Angelo had a father's rights lobby backing him through the process of the divorce and when Angelo got visiting rights to ADF. He mentioned the "Astigmatism" he felt growing up as the child of a divorce.[1]

Post-Divorce: 7/4/97

Then came the infamous 7/4/97 that is affectionately referred to as "Daddy Rape Day" or "7/4 Never Happened" to trolls. ADF made the claim that he was sexually abused, an incident that is unfounded by everyone but ADF and his sycophants. Through the five to six years of ADF whining about said incident online, his story changed noticeably. During ADF's communist kick was when he first mentioned the incident and the date which said incident was supposed to occur; American Independence Day of 1997 when ADF was eleven years old at a public fireworks event at Penn Landing. This is the only similarities between ADF's different stories. When ADF written about the incident the first time, he claimed that his dad fondled him, pinned his wrists, and implied that his dad sodomized him ("for him to rip, pound, and play"). Eerily this is also how ADF described his supposed sexual encounter with Dusty, a friend during his time at college. In this version of events, ADF was confused over what led to the attack occurring, assuming that he might have displayed effeminate behavior. In a recent recalling of the event, ADF omitted the parts where he was "pounded" and about his wrists being pinned. The reasons given for the incident in this case ranged from displaying effeminate characteristics to ADF's egotistical view of himself as an eleven who was politically aware (a psychological impossibility given a child's nature to parrot their own parent's beliefs and a lack of understanding of political affairs), artistic, and "intelligent."

To put the matter in perceptive, a judge did not believe that ADF was sexually abused either. ADF claimed that he made a police report and the case was immediately handed to the judge without ADF receiving sexual abuse counseling or a specialist who deals with child abuse victims on a daily basis, displaying either ADF's ignorance of the legal process of child abuse cases or ADF omitting anything that could make his story less credible. When the judge reviewed the case, he dismissed the charges against Angelo, citing that it was clear that ADF was being coached by ADF's own mother. ADF claimed that the judge discriminated against him due to his autism. However, judges, investigators, and other people within the judicial system have ways to determine if a child is getting coached by a parent due to the way a child describes the abuse. And specialists have more of an understanding of child sexual abuse than a homeless man in California.

An unverified chat conversation with Angelo claims that ADF was bullying some smaller kids at an Independence Day event, and that he merely spanked him for being a brat. Regardless, at 16, ADF no longer had court-order visitations with Angleo and they had more limited contact. It is unknown when ADF and his mother moved to Philadelphia.

He was also in Special ED classes when he attended Gloucester County Institute of Technology in High School, which does have a special ed program which was supposed to prepare speds to enter into the workplace. ADF claimed to thrive academically in high school as proof of his intelligence, but given the low expectations of special ed courses, it does not amount to much. ADF reportedly had five "girlfriends" before Kourine. ADF had also gotten into Latino pop singers in high school such as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, and a 2004 photo shows him wearing his mother's clothes as a "J-Lo costume". During this time, ADF also started working at Wawa.

Much of ADF's early life is known only by ADF, and the information he has shares publicly often shifts with his current interests and identities. In a DeviantArt Journal of December 2009 ADF described his background as follows:

I was born in Woodbury, New Jersey on 12 August 1985. I currently live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (namely in the Northeast Philadelphia Area, where all the taxpayers get raped in the ass) . My Ethnic Background is of mixed race, I am Puerto Rican on my father's side and German/Jewish on my Mother's side. My Mother's ancestors came from Israel before then, a part of Germany what used to be knowned as Konigsberg, East Prussia (Now Kaliningrad, Russia) and My Father and family is From Bayamon, Puerto Rico. My Parents have been divorced since 1994 and I have not had contact with my Father since 2001, due to Sexual, Physical, and Psychological Abuse at his hands.[2]

There is little evidence his father has any Puerto Rican background, and his mother's Ashkenazi heritage is also unconfirmed.

Reaching Adulthood

ADF spent several years working at Wawas, reportedly through "supported employment" meant to help those with disabilities remain in the workforce. He also enrolled at a local college, and became a founding member of the Anime Club. He was not yet known online.

Deviant Art Phase, 2006 - 2007

See also: ADF and Sexuality, ADF and Friends, ADF and Enemies

On April 3 2006, the ~ADF-Fuensalida DeviantArt is created by "Felipe V. Delicias", age 20, who claims to live in Huerta del Cedros, San Felipe, Australatina. [3] His idea of Latino identity was reflected in the rendering of "Phillip" and "Delici" as more Hispanic-sounding names. It became home to his prolific cartoons and journal posts, and was his primary outlet. He ran his page in the sort of manner which made the website such a popular location for lolcow watchers: he would delete any comments critical of him and frequently got embroiled in drama with other users of the site. He used the journal page of his DeviantArt profile essentially as a blog, and this is where most of the insights into his life in this period come from.

He frequently uploaded art onto his DA account. His characteristic drawing style was fully formed by then: anime-type characters, badly coloured in with markers. He mixed fanart and original art, but his fixations on pretty anime guys, military uniforms and progressive political causes were constant features. He collaborated with a college friend named Corrine, styled as "Kourine", on a comic called Ko-Chan High School about yaoi-loving high school girls (or something in that area) that doesn't appear to have progressed far beyond the planning stage.

At college, ADF was a member of the anime club and gay/straight alliance. These seem to have been his only avenues for socialising. ADF somehow managed to be appointed president of the gay/straight alliance, where he carried out his duties in a derelict manner.[4] ADF's chief male acquaintance of the period (quite possibly his only one) was Dusty aka "Canis", a fellow member of the anime club and gay/straight alliance.

ADF also had an account on yaoi fanart website YGallery that was banned for some now-obscure reason, as well as a SheezyArt at some point[5]. On November 6 he created ~WawaHaters, dedicated to stopping the injustices experienced at his employer.[6] This is possibly his first form of online social justice.

By 2007, his obsession with Sasuke had begun[7], with several new account names, though not yet built to self-identity status. Additionally, his interest in BDSM had moved from the comical "yaoi spanking paddle" to actual bondage, for unknown reasons. [8]

His friendship with Kourine started to show a deep, quasi-sexual fixation with her, through 2008. He referenced her constantly and regularly drew her anime original character (also called "Kourine," confusingly) in sexual and BDSM-type situations, often with ADF's anime alter-ego characters. He would often make posts "as" Kourine (character), causing on-lookers to wonder if Kourine (person) was just some figment of his imagination. He would even sometimes sign his posts as "Kourine". This fixation began when ADF considered himself bisexual, and his later coming out as "gay" did nothing to slow it down. Despite all this, Kourine seems to have genuinely been friends with ADF at one point. They shared an interest in anime, yaoi, etc., and they collaborated on various drawings. Late in 2007 he created a "Fan Club" but it never progressed.[9]

Most importantly, in December of 2007, ADF came out as gay in a DeviantArt journal post of 13th December 2007.[10] He also claims to be dating Canis at this time, and to have gone "on a yaoi adventure" with him in his bedroom.

Officially Gay Phase, 2008

See also: ADF and Education, ADF and Politics

ADF's ED article caused him some minor grief from random trolls, and he drew this in response.

With the exception of, perhaps, his over-enthusiasm and somewhat childish interaction level, all of this would be a relatively normal story of an awkward but typical dork...but events in 2008 proved otherwise, bringing ADF to the attention of Trolls, and sealed his status as an enduring lolcow.

After "coming out" in December, ADF spent the next few months with business-as-usual, "dating" Canis, working on his anime characters and Australatina road signs. He came out to this mother in March 2008 by writing her a letter, after the failure of his plan to gently make her realise through leaving yaoi fanart, bondage apparel, etc. around the house.[11] The letter was originally posted but has been lost. His mother appeared to take the news well.[12]

During this time he drew heavy inspiration from Sasuke Uchiha, a character from the anime Naruto known for his ninja skills and dark, edgy personality. ADF expressly cited Sasuke as a role model on numerous occasions,[13] and even signed some of his posts as "Sasuke" rather than "Felipe" (the name he used at the time). His interest in the character at this time was, however, not the unhealthy obsession it would later become.

Kourine Troubles

However,times were troubled in his college life. Kourine and Canis had become increasingly exasperated with ADF's real-life behaviour.[14] Additionally, ADF and Kourine were coming to blows over art-related issues. Kourine, being very much of the traditional DeviantArt mindset, was protective of her Original Characters and anxious that they be Not Stolen by others. ADF's cavalier use of her characters annoyed her, not to mention that he frequently drew them in sexual situations with his own characters, something she expressed her discomfort with. It should be noted that Kourine was fairly lolcow-ish herself, and her attacks on ADF focused on, in retrospect, highly tedious and pedantic issues around who had permission to draw what characters in what situations, etc. His unwholesome behaviour towards her in real life, which seems like a much better position to attack from, was largely ignored.

Much of this art-related drama played out on DeviantArt, both ADF and Kourine posting long blasts against each other on their journals. Their conflict attracted some external attention, and Kourine found an ally in user ~ZabuKawaii, who got stuck in the fighting on Kourine's side. ADF's original Encyclopaedia Dramatica article was created at around this time, and ZabuKawaii was probably the creator and main contributor.

On 5th August 2008, Kourine posted a long denunciation of ADF on her DeviantArt journal[15], which contained several notable items:

"He is constantly muttering on about saying basically: If you are against me in anyway, you are either Homophobic and/or Republican."

"He is all 100% American, so don't let his lies fool you. He goes to same college I go to, and he is very much NOT on Canadian soil.Also, he has no accent guys. If you seen his video on YT about him dressed up in his "attire" and having an accent that is suppose to be Mexican or Scottish while he is Canadian, that is all a lie."

"AND DON'T GIVE ME THAT "So people hate me when I came out of the closet" or that Ass-whatever syndrome, or even that "communication" business. THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!!"

For the rest of the year, ADF and Kourine would repeatedly reunite before fighting again, although it is uncertain how much of this "reuniting" was pushed for and assumed by ADF.

At this stage he was already beginning to display paranoid traits: he set his location as Vancouver, Canada, fearing that "white supremacists and right-wing Christians" would attempt to harm him IRL over his strident political/LGBT advocacy.[16]

Canis Troubles

Canis also began to express issues with ADF's behavior. While at first ADF portrayed the two of them as being very close friends, when coming out he had declared they were lovers.[17] Sadly the two of them fell out suring the Summer, and Canis took the opportunity to present his side of the story. Canis depicted ADF as somebody who was unable to function socially and who engaged constantly in embarrassing behaviors. He claimed that he had only befriended ADF out of a mixture of pity for him, and concern for his well-being on campus. He of course denied that they had ever been in a relationship. He claimed that ADF would frequently wear bondage gear around campus (for which there is photographic proof), and that ADF would tell people that Canis was his "master," which caused Canis considerable embarrassment. ADF also apparently shat himself at some point.

Despite all this, Canis took a fairly circumspect view of ADF, criticising him heavily but attributing the worst of his behavior to his Asperger Syndrome.[18] He later sent ADF an email containing the following quote:

Asberger's, whether you like it or not, is a disability. Watching what you're doing is like watching a man with one leg trying to walk unaided. It's uncomfortable, it hurts us, and the more you insist you don't need help, the less we sympathize when you do a face-plant.[19]

A final pivotal event in ADF's life happened in November, when he dropped out of college (some say expelled) and moved with his family to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Cosplay Phase, 2009

See also: ADF and Identity

ADF was in at a low point in his life when 2009 rolled around. He had dropped out of college and become estranged from the people who had formerly been his closest friends. He sought a new source of inspiration and motivation in his life, and found it in his increasingly obsessive fixation on cosplaying anime characters. Parallel to this, he redoubled his efforts to find a new love interest.

Phase 1: Self-Improvement

ADF shaping up for his Sasuke cosplay.

Feeling stuck in a rut, ADF decided to embark on an extensive program of self-improvement. Closing shots in his feud with Kourine took place at the start of 2009, and her jibes about his weight appear to have particularly stung him.[20] He boldly set out his intentions for the new year:

The Mission I Have Accepted and will Endeavor Greatly to Carry Out

1) To Cosplay The Characters I Fucking Want from Naruto

2) To Lose 45 Pounds over the course next 6 months to reach 167 pounds!

3) Have Fun, and don't give a FUCK what the critics who hate you say![21]

He detailed the characters he wished to cosplay (seven characters from Naruto), and what this would all afford - between $2000 and $2,500, by his calculation.[22] It should be noted that, at this stage, ADF did not seem to regard cosplaying as an essential component of his self-image, as it would later become. It was a crucial ambition, but only in the sense that dressing up as anime people would signify a culmination of his desire to lose weight and, probably, to re-kindle his love for anime after his fallout with Kourine.

He went into more detail about his weight-loss goal in another post. Quoth he:

Currently, I weigh about 212 pounds (96.4 Kilograms) , I want to go down to 167 pounds (75.9 Kilograms) . That's right, I need to lose 45 pounds (20.5 kg) because I am now getting tried of being overweight, simple as that. It is bothering me to the point I'm starting to break down in tears. Don't get me wrong, I usually have pretty positive self-esteem about myself. But this change is needed more than just over cosplaying...it's also to better my chances of meeting my ideal Bishie Boyfriend I hope to have holding into my arms one day in the future.[23]

He planned to lose weight by taking up rollerskating and by adopting a vegetarian diet.[24]

Despite intending to cosplay seven Naruto characters, ADF was overwhelmingly fixated on just one of them: Sasuke Uchiha, the cool loner. He increasingly framed his weight-loss plan as a plan to look more like Sasuke, not just to cosplay as him,[25] and came to refer to it as the "Sasuke Diet."[26] He cut candy out of his diet because, apparently, Sasuke abhors candy.[27] Elsewhere, he posted about his desire to act more like Sasuke by adopting certain of his mannerisms. He even began to sign his posts as "Sasuke Uchiha."[28] Updates on his weight-loss attempt were posted very frequently.

On 17th April ADF declared "mission accomplished," announcing that he had achieved his target weight.[29] This would allow stage 2 of his plan to begin: actually beginning to get the cosplay items together.

Phase Two: Live Sasuke

ADF as Sasuke.

The long-awaited Sasuke costume arrived sometime around the start of May. Purchasing it required the acquiescence of his mother, as he was dependent on her credit card to actually carry out the transaction. The idea seems to have been that she would pay for the cosplay, and he would then pay her back in instalments.[30] Assuming his estimates from earlier in the year are correct, this costume set him (his mother, i.e.) back around $600.[31] He took photos of himself wearing the costume as soon as it arrived, and pontificated on his feelings about it at some length:

Sasuke Uchiha is an awesome role model to look up and to have to help a goal. I am very excited about my cosplay, and its only a natural and I can't hold it in sometimes. It's human nature... I know who I am --- I happy I got to where I got because Sasuke motivated me to where I got today. That would've not been possible otherwise.[32]

I really believe that I am rather obsessed with Sasuke Uchiha, but unfortunately it may be to the point I actually want to BECOME Sasuke Uchiha --- that is the part that is getting some people all upset with me.[33]

Having so far enjoyed constant success in his personal goals, ADF began to look outside of himself, and decided to embark upon a Love Quest (his own words![34]) - to find the Naruto to his Sasuke. He set out his goals for a love interest in early July:

I want to find a Male Dobe, Ages ranging 19-26 (White, Hispanic and/or Asian) , Loves Naruto and can cosplay Naruto and give this lonely Sasuke-teme a lot of individual love and attention I crave as an Uchiha....So No Multiple partners BS or I'll Chidori that loser's ass!Yeah, that was a Male seeking Male personal you just read...I can't stand being single anymore.[35]

He placed considerable importance on the need for his future boyfriend to be able to cosplay Naruto, going to far as to create a DeviantArt page where he and his future boyfriend would post their cosplay pictures. Moreover, he stated that his sweetheart should not just cosplay Naruto, but should also be like Naruto in personality:

A boyfriend who is like Naruto Uzumaki, one that can quickly trust me, love me, and has a use-it-or-lose-it attitude towards life.[36]

We can see from this that ADF's mental confusion between cosplaying characters and actually being those characters was already apparent at this early stage.

ADF's first attraction location, the Philadelphia gay pride parade, proved fruitless.[37] He did not drink at the time, claiming that "my Alcoholic father, ruined alcohol for me -- and my attitude towards it."[38] Despite this, by the middle of July he was attending local gay bars in search of his future Naruto boyfriend. He made several trips, all unsuccessful.[39]

On the 3rd July ADF claimed that his workplace had fired an employee for taking unannounced time off work to attend to a sudden medical emergency. This incident caused him to ruminate on matters of life and death, and he stated that:

If my Mother dies, I would end up homeless on the streets...[40]

Fortunately for ADF, he would later be able to achieve homelessness on the streets without his mother needing to die in the process.

Towards the end of July, ADF appeared to have made a breakthrough in his love quest: he met "John," a freelance photographer in the Philadelphia area who specialised in gay subject-matter [9]. They met so that John could take some photos of ADF, and after this meeting ADF was already describing John as "First Candidate for who will be my Naruto Uzumaki!"[41] John's feelings for ADF at this point are unclear. John came into ADF's life at a fortunate time, for his relationship with his mother was beginning to deteriorate, as he explained in a post dated 1st August, which deserves to be quoted at some length:

"The very nature of the Dobe Search has taken on a rather urgent nature. There is now an emergency need for future residency with a Dobe...


This is not going to happen next week, next month or a couple of months from now -- This is more likely to occur in 2010, possibly in Summer or Fall 2010 -- I may have to move out from my Mother's place.

Why? You ask, I have a couple of reasons...

1) My Mother is violating the terms of my Coming Out Letter of 25 March 2008. For some of you watched me back when, this was a BIG issue -- I was on a war footing if she did not accept me then.

She is violating this by discouraging me into not finding a guy -- this is a violation of my civil rights, simple as that --- and FUCK her motherly concerns about my safety, She is getting way too over-protective I am almost 24 years old and can handle myself pretty well on the streets of Philadelphia.

...and much better than herself too in certain respects...

2) My Mother is also in violation of the terms of the same above-mentioned Coming Out Letter of 25 March 2008 by making assumptions that I am not capable of certain things or abilities due to the fact I have Asperger Syndrome... (This also ties in with Reason 1 to an extent, but I am counting Two Violations as Two Violations)

This is going to cause serious clashes and fighting -- if it has not already in certain episodes in the past I have had with her, it will definitely worsen in the future.

Things are okay and stable for right now -- but it will deteriorate as time passes into the future...

To put it a little more simply, my future depends on finding that Dobe, I have at least a year to do so or I'll risk being in an abusive, exploitative, and potentially oppressive situation if I continue to live with my Mother."

On 7th August non-Sasuke cosplays got a mention for the first time in months, ADF mentioning that he was beginning "prep work for cosplaying Sakura."[42] Sakura, another Naruto character, is the most prominent female character in the series. He set a new weight goal of 145-150 lbs for this cosplay.

ADF was "almost attacked" as he walked home from work by "a couple of 20-something-year old African-American males" on 17th August: they "called me a 'faggot' and threw a couple of rocks at me." Fortunately he was unharmed, and he later worked through his feelings about the incident by drawing a wish-fulfillment version of the attack where he got the upper hand on his assailants. He expressed his desire to move to a different, safer, Wawa location, and observed:

What is it with Blacks and Homophobia? 45-50 years ago they had a Civil Rights battle, What the fuck.[43]

Kourine re-surfaced at the end of August, making a weak attempt to troll ADF. He attributed this to her being "sexually and emotionally frustrated" towards him.[44]

Year End: Mother Puncher

ADF was considerably more quiet in the latter third of the year, posting much less frequently than before.

He alluded to tensions with his mother over the amount of money he was spending on cosplay on the 15th September, claiming that he "threatened Something Drastic" in order to obtain some more Sasuke cosplay items. He did not state how much these items cost. "Maybe next time I'll threaten World War III, Without Nukes, when I Crossplay Sakura Haruno," he wondered.[45]

His job transfer went through on the 21st October. His new workplace was located close to a police station, which he described as an "epic security win!"[46] A few days earlier, he posted another cryptic message, this one seemingly aimed at John:


I love you

Do Not give up

I believe in you (though I will not admit you otherwise, Dobe)

I know you love me as much as You love Sai and SakuraYou wouldn't give up on Sasuke now, wouldn't you?

I know times are tough, believe me, 30+ days with the job transfer -- still waiting on that fucking transfer -- I am barely making anything...That will change soon, I hope

Stay strong, For Sakura, For Sai,And Sasuke -- Don't give up on Sasuke

You have given me so much...I love and care about you."[47]

Tensions between ADF and his mother over money continued to mount. He admitted to punching her on the 21st November, in a post he quickly deleted (but not quickly enough, for an intrepid follower was able to take a screenshot in time).[48] Further "fighting" took place on the 26th November.[49]

The amount of stress in his life led ADF to bring forward the Sakura cosplay to January 2010. He explained his reasons on 28th November:

Just because, I need the escape of being the opposite gender -- Its more than cosplay to me as this point - Pretty much since High School -- I have desired to know what would look like/feel like as a female.[50]

He mentioned his transgender feelings for the first time shortly after this:

Did You Know I Am Also Adrogynous Too That Means I Identify with both Male and Female genders, so I am transgendered and did you know I am crossplaying Sakura Haruno next month[51]

Ahuviya Harel made her first appearance on 21st December, described by ADF as "a Female Persona I answer to (which I will be creating into an OC of my female self soon)"[52] During this time, ADF described himself as "Homosexual/Openly Gay" and an "uke", as well as "incidentally Bisexual", which was somehow tied to a long-distance friendship with a much younger girl with the cryptic explanation, "But were just close friends, you know how fangirls are around their celebrity."

His conflict with his mother appears to have come to a head shortly before Christmas, as he posted on 22nd December that he had agreed a timeline with her for his moving out. He planned to be completely gone by 30th June, 2011.[53] John supported ADF in this endeavour, although not to the extent of suggesting that ADF move in with him.[54]

Despite this, relations with John appeared to be improving: ADF suggested that they had had sex on the 12th December.[55] He expressed his hopes that John would cosplay Naruto for him early in the new year.[56]

ADF spent Christmas and new year alone in Philadelphia, his mother spending the holiday elsewhere with her boyfriend.[57]

Ahuviya Phase, 2010

See also: ADF and Gender, ADF and Religion, ADF and Health

  • Phase 1, first half: officially transgender [10], converts to judaism[11], name change [12], first suicide gesture, declares self a lesbian
  • Phase 2, second half: hormones begin, hetalia/China/Communism begins. (also quits job, annoys lgbt centers)
  • End of year: (data missing or just uneventful?)

Lost in Philly Phase, 2011

See also: ADF and Homelessness

  • Phase 1, first half: (data required - Rika was this year? beginning of homelessness, when is Jordan?) Dated and broke up with Eli May [13] [14] [15]
  • Phase 2, second half: first takes hormones [16], fighting with Chris & Jack Thaddeus, quoted in a Philly mag,
  • End of year: Mom must be dating Dale [17]

Amaterasu Phase, 2012

See also: ADF and Imagination

  • Phase 1, first half: Mom marries Dale [18], aquitted for Occupy Philly offenses [19] (
  • Phase 2, second half: Amaterasu appears with DID [20] (data required - Mikhail at some point [21])
  • End of year: Move to Portland, Occupy Event [22]

Portland Queero Phase, 2013

See also: ADF and Travel

  • Phase 1, first half: Lots of Amaterasu's "transition" and "travel", Buddhist briefly, Red & Black drama
  • Phase 2, second half: Heads to California (reason?), officially anarchist now
  • End of year: (missing data for end of year)

Crustpunk Phase, 2014

See also: ADF and Violence

  • Phase 1, first half: long haul, considering sex work, self-defense stuff,
  • Phase 2, second half: looking for Orchi, FB Name Policy War #1, latina identity when?
  • End of year: approval for SSDI, move back to Portland

Latinx Rebel Phase, 2015

See also: ADF and Racism

  • Phase 1, fist half: name changes to Isabel at some point, break with frens, Skarlett back-shave incident
  • Phase 2, second half: Back to Berkley, picnic incident?
  • End of year: Schedules Orchi, banned from Long Haul

Really Trans Phase, 2016

See also: n/a

  • Phase 1, first half: Supposed orchi. Nudes. Name change again. Pending return to Portland.
  • Phase 2, second half: Apartment in Portland with Victoria.

No Balls Blues, 2017

See also: n/a

  • New headmates and Death of Amaterasu. Lots of tattoos. Anything else?

Revenge of the Silt (sic), 2018

See also: n/a

  • Phase 1, first half: Where we are now. Vaginoplasty pending April.

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