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Aaron Michael McCluske
Aaron's YouTube profile picture
Age 27
Born December 11, 1990
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania[1]
Residence Houston, Texas (current)[note 1]
Kingwood, Texas (former)
Occupation None (SSI recipient)
Web Presences Personal website (abandoned)
Primary YouTube channel
Second YouTube channel (abandoned)
Third YouTube channel (abandoned)
Fourth YouTube channel (abandoned)
Fifth YouTube channel
Sixth YouTube channel (abandoned)
Blogger profile (abandoned)
First Twitter account (abandoned)
Second Twitter account (abandoned)
I'm Tully Has Special Needs Autism, Tourette Syndrome & OCD & My Learning Disabilities Make Me 1st Grade Level At Reading & 2nd Grade Level At Math & I'm Mentally 1st Grader Age. I Love Listening To The Radio & Talking About My Special Needs. Also I Have Behavior Disorder's & I Take Mental Medication & I Love Listening To Delilah, Air1 & K-LOVE & I Wonder If Stations Here In The Houston Area Can Make A Sale Out To K-LOVE
—Aaron's old YouTube channel description

Aaron Michael McCluske is a person of interest currently living in a group home in Houston, Texas.

While he has a small following of only about 160 subscribers on his main YouTube channel, he has an extremely large library of content. As of April 29, 2016, he has uploaded over 61,000 videos to his primary YouTube channel alone, many of which contain mostly identical content and are incredibly short in length. He has at least five other channels, most of which have been abandoned, with even more videos on them. All in all, he has likely made at least 70,000 videos during his YouTube career. While his videos get very few views (if they get any at all), Aaron seems to upload them out of a compulsive need to do so, rather than to entertain or inform his (often nonexistent) audience.

Aaron has a plethora of mental disorders which he frequently reminds viewers of. Much like many other people of interest, he is autistic. However, his case is far more severe than most others. He has a similar mentality to that of a first grader, and is on the border of being legitimately mentally retarded. While he generally appears to be docile and harmless in his videos, some of the comments made by himself and those close to him suggest that Aaron is far more unpleasant off camera. Having uploaded videos of almost every insignificant aspect of his life since at least 2011, Aaron's YouTube channel offers a look into his mundane yet bizarre life and has been compared to a real-life version of The Truman Show.


For most of you that may not know me my name is Aaron McCluske and I was born in Pittsburgh, Pa and moved to Kingwood, Tx I met Carrie Law back in the 1st grade and fell in love with her and I think about her all the time and thinking about her makes me fall more and more in love with her Carrie was the best thing that I happened to me and I wish I could get back together with her and I want her to know that my Autism has held me back alot like with my fears that I have to the reading leavel that I'm on and yes I know what you say I now you are thinking how dose it hold me back in my reading leavel well lets say other kids my age are high school leavel and I'm 3rd grade leavel or little kid leavel in witch how would I be able to take care of my self or live on my own I might go homeless
—The page info of Aaron's Carrie Law Facebook page

Baby Aaron on his first birthday.

Aaron was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on December 11, 1990, and he is of Native American and Irish descent.[2] At some point, his family moved to Kingwood, Texas, though some of Aaron's comments indicate that he moved back and forth between Pittsburgh and Texas throughout his early life. A man he refers to as "Pappy" died on August 29, 2005 due to complications from diabetes.[3] Despite the fact that the only picture he seems to have of "Pappy" is a still from a home movie of his first Christmas, Aaron seems to have had a good relationship with him.[4][5] He firmly believes that this person is waiting for him in Heaven,[6] where he gets to drive Formula One race cars.[7] Because Aaron refers to him as "Pappy," he was initially thought to be Aaron's father. In actuality, Aaron does not see his father, whom he speaks of as still being alive. As Aaron does not see his father, it can be assumed that he also does not see his paternal grandparents, leaving it unclear just how Aaron was related to "Pappy." Aaron's father apparently attempted to assault his grandmother before he was born.[8] As evidenced by the fact that he has uploaded several of his old home movies onto YouTube, he had a relatively normal early childhood.[9][10] He claims that his grandparents would employ corporal punishment by whipping him with a belt when he would misbehave.[11] He has a younger half-sister named Sarah, who also makes YouTube videos (though not nearly as frequently as her brother) and also has mental disorders.[12] Sarah appears to be much more functional than Aaron, and lives with their mother.

Aaron seems to dislike his mother, Amy. The reason is because in 2011, she ran off and married a new husband[13] and left Aaron and Sarah in the care of their grandparents, who are either invalid, incontinent, or both.[14] Aaron claims that his mother's husband is abusive,[15] though it is unknown if this is actually true. He writes poorly-spelled angry letters to her, and then gives them to his sister to hand deliver to her.[16] On at least one occasion, he has wished that his mother would be caught in a drunk driving accident and die on impact.[17] Despite this, they seem to act rather pleasant towards one another, as seen in the phone call videos.[18] Aaron's mom has said that she won't get mad if Aaron calls her bad names,[19] so he'll often cheerfully greet her with such epithets as "old witch."[20] His grandparents, in addition to being invalid and/or incontinent, appear to be in generally poor health. His grandfather had to have three heart bypasses in early 2014, with Aaron apparently being unable to understand the gravity of the situation.[21] His grandmother suffers from MS, and her condition has apparently worsened in recent years, prompting Aaron's sister Sarah to move out due to her unwillingness to watch her grandmother deteriorate and die.[22] Aaron has been told that he would be responsible for calling 911 if anything were to happen to his grandparents. He seems more confused by the 911 process itself than the emotional impact of a loved one being seriously injured or incapacitated.[23] Aaron admits to being lazy and doing little around his house. He allows his grandmother with MS and grandfather who recently had major heart surgery to do all the chores while he sits around doing nothing. He appears to take pride in this, or at the very least, fails to see anything wrong with it.[24] In March of 2016, Aaron uploaded a video in which he stated that his grandmother plans on having her body donated to science after she dies.[25] The fact that she is making these plans could suggest that her condition is worsening and that she does not have much more time left to live. This is supported by an offhanded comment that Aaron made in another video about his family getting wheelchair ramps for her.[26] This most likely means that her MS has progressed to the point where she is unable to walk anymore. As his cardiologist has instructed him to cut soda completely from his diet, Aaron may have some pretty bad health problems of his own.[27] Despite this, he refuses to follow these instructions and continues to drink soda and eat white bread.[28] As he often has his camera close to his face, it is usually difficult to see the extent of his obesity. However, he occasionally uploads videos in which he is further away from the camera, revealing the fact that he appears to be extremely overweight.[29] Surprisingly, he only weighs 213.4 pounds.[30]

Aaron attended elementary school in the Franklin Regional School District, and went to Kingwood High School. He frequently claims to have been "pushed around" by the staff there, and that because of his disorders, he would get stressed out and cry when he had to do homework.[31] Aaron rode a special needs school bus to school, and got kicked off the bus several times for taking his seatbelt off.[32] He attended occupational therapy classes to learn how to do things such as tie his shoes, button his shirts, and wear his backpack properly.[33] He admits to actively resisting their attempts to help him.[34] Also by his own admission, he was a problem student who frequently got in trouble for calling teachers names, throwing chairs at them, using profanity, and leaving his classes. He had an unspecified job when he was in ninth grade, but got fired for "being lazy." These same behaviors continued when he was in high school, but also escalated to physically assaulting his teachers. He would also use their phones to make prank calls to other schools, as well as 911, causing the police to come to his school.[35] Aaron was on a "token system," meaning that he would get small rewards for good behavior. His supervisor would award him a temporary tattoo once he collected enough tokens.[36]His disorders caused him to be held back several grades in school, and he finally dropped out of high school in 2013, at the age of 22.[37] Recently, it seems as though Aaron has begun to desire a scholarship to Rice University, so that he can become a DJ.[38] He does not seem to realize that Rice is primarily a research university which specializes in scientific fields. It is likely that he just wishes to attend because it is the closest college in his area. His mother was still wiping him with toilet paper when he was in sixth and seventh grade, because he couldn't do it himself. He has since learned to wipe himself, though he uses Cottonelle baby wipes instead of toilet paper.[39] Aaron apparently does not flush these baby wipes down the toilet, preferring instead to just toss them off to the side.[40] Aaron does not shave his own face. He gets his "bread" shaved when he goes to get his hair cut.[41] He used to shave himself, but stopped after he got out of high school. He claims that his doctors have told him that he'll grow taller if he shaves,[42] suggesting that the people in his life, even medical professionals, just feed him nonsense as one would a young child. Aaron rarely discusses video games, but he seems to exclusively play standard app-based games such as Frogger and Pac-Man. He likes to "squish the froggy" and "kill the Pac-Man."[43]

Aaron and Carrie Law as children.

When Aaron was in first grade and living in Pittsburgh, he met a girl named Carrie Law and they became friends. Only three photos of Aaron and Carrie together are known to exist.[44] At some point, the two had a falling out, though it is unknown why. He has claimed that she has said derogatory things about mentally disabled people,[45] and implied that she called him a "retard" at some point.[46] It is possible that Aaron mistook Carrie's friendship with him for romantic interest. Aaron is completely obsessed with Carrie. He has made literally hundreds of videos about her, asking if she is in love with him,[47] if she wants to marry him,[48] if she wants to kiss him,[49] etc. Carrie has a YouTube channel of her own (now presumably abandoned; the last upload was a year ago) where she uploads singing videos.[50] Aaron has commented on several of these videos asking these same types of questions, often using multiple accounts to comment on the same videos.[51] It is possible that Aaron literally worships Carrie.[52] He has shown a similar obsession with some of Carrie's friends, and some of his statements indicate that he expects them to care for him after his ailing grandparents are no longer capable of doing so. On December 31, 2015 a YouTube account purportedly belonging to Carrie posted a comment on one of Aaron's many videos about her. "Carrie" claims that she only met Aaron a few times as a child and does not remember him, and that her family has contacted the police about Aaron's stalking.[53] The video that this comment was posted on was promptly removed. Of course, there is no way to discern whether this is the real Carrie, or just somebody attempting to ween.

As of April, 2018, Aaron resides in a group home.[54] It is unknown whether his grandparents have died, or if they simply could not handle taking care of Aaron anymore.

Aaron Planet

Aaron believes that he is an alien from "Aaron Planet." Aaron Planet, which is inhabited by "Aaron Aliens," is said to be located in "Aaron Galaxy," which also contains "Aaron Sun" and "Aaron Moon." Aaron Sun is inhabited by the "Aaron Sunbeamians," and Aaron Moon is inhabited by the "Aaron Moonbeamians." Aaron claims to be the king of the Aaron Aliens,[55] who are said to be similar to Kryptonians from Superman and all share the name "Aaron." Additionally, he claims to be a relative of Superman and to share his powers.

Aaron also states that his grandparents and sister come from "Grandparent Planet" and "Sister Planet," respectively. In his narrative, Grandparent Planet and Aaron Planet are at war and frequently engage in combat with one another. This particular belief probably stems from the likelihood that Aaron's grandparents yell at him for being lazy.

Another claim Aaron makes is that he owns a starship that he keeps parked beneath his grandparents' house. He says that he makes frequent trips to outer space, where he receives distress signals. A frequent adversary of Aaron's seems to be Star Wars villain, Darth Vader; Aaron has made several videos detailing his various defeats of Vader as the Sith Lord attempts to antagonize other planets. In one video, Aaron details how he made Vader work in the mines of Aaron Planet after defeating him.

The origins of these beliefs are unknown. Given the fact that autistic people are often compared to aliens from another planet (which, for example, is where the well-known autism-related website Wrong Planet gets its name), it is possible that Aaron was told this in his youth and took it literally. Alternatively, given his childlike mentality, he may simply be playing pretend games.

Aaron's Special Needs

I have special needs autism tourettes ocd & bipolar fears of big crod, fears, of loud sounds, backpack fears, feas of riding the school bus, fears of the firr alarm sound, fears of firr truck sirans, fears of tornado drills fears of the dark I have nightmare I love listening to the radio & talking about special needs I get Anxious when at school, at the Cardiologist, at the doctor or in the hospital I also get Anxious when asked over to someones house also I went to Franklin Regional & knew a Carrie Law I live in Houston, Texas Also I Love Listening to Delilah Love Someone Tonight Love Song Show, Listening To K-LOVE & Air1 & Myreachradio Network & KSBJRADIO, The Message on siriusxm, Sunny 99.1 KODA & Talking about special needs & the school buses for Franklin Regional School District are owned by AJ MAYERS & SONS School Buses in Export Pennsylvania off of Ball Park Road Also check out the link on the about me tab
—Aaron's updated channel description

As mentioned above, Aaron has many different mental disorders which greatly inhibit his ability to function as an adult. His conditions include autism, Tourette's syndrome, and OCD. He also frequently mentions physical disorders such as lockjaw and scoliosis. It is unknown when exactly he was diagnosed with these disorders, as he appears to be relatively normal in his old home movies.[note 2] He has stated that they caused him much difficulty in school, however, so it is likely that he was relatively young when diagnosed. Aaron claims to read and function at a first grade level, and do math at a second grade level. The first grade reading level claim is supported in a video in which Aaron struggles to read a fortune from a fortune cookie.[56] He also appears to have a bit of a speech impediment. In high school, he attended occupational therapy classes to learn how to do simple things like tying his shoes and buttoning up his shirt, suggesting that the severity of his afflictions is extremely high. He has an oddly drawn-out manner of speaking, and slurs some of his words (e.g. "susscribe" instead of "subscribe" and "autsum" instead of "autism"). Aaron claims to have an IQ of 72, meaning that he is just over the line of mental retardation.[57] He is unable to drive a car or ride a bicycle. He instead rides a three-wheel adult tricycle.

Aaron appears to be very proud of these disorders, and seems to go out of his way to define himself with them as much as possible. As elaborated upon below, he has an ever-expanding library of nearly identical videos in which he rattles off the various afflictions that he has been diagnosed with. The URL to his now-abandoned personal web page was literally just a collection of said diagnoses, suggesting that he does indeed think of himself (and possibly others) in terms of what disorders he has. While unconfirmed, it has been suggested that he expects others to go out of their way to accommodate him because of his afflictions. If true, this could be attributed to the fact that he never matured past the approximate mental age of six.

Aaron generally appears to be docile and harmless in his videos. However, as detailed in the previous section, he also claims to have a long history of behavioral problems. With his well-established first grader mentality in mind, it can be inferred that Aaron is prone to tantrums if he is denied something he wants, or put into a situation he does not like. Aaron's own descriptions of his behavior paint a picture of someone with oppositional defiant disorder or conduct disorder, though he has never mentioned being diagnosed with either. His hatred for his mother most likely stems from a simplistic mentality and "black and white" worldview prevalent in children the same (mental) age as him. During the Carrie Law fiasco of early 2016, Aaron's sister Sarah expressed concern for their grandmother's safety after Aaron had his computer taken away. His grandparents have been advised to contact the police in the event that Aaron becomes violent, which apparently has occurred in the past.

Aaron's YouTube Videos

OOOOOOKAAAAYYY, me Aaron heeerrreee
—Aaron's typical drawn-out greeting

Aaron in one of his 61,000+ videos.

Aaron is likely one of YouTube's most prolific uploaders. By November, 2015, he had uploaded over 55,000 videos to his main channel alone. He has had at least five others at various points in time, all of which contain their own videos. He appears to upload videos as a result of his often mentioned "special needs," rather than to reach an audience. Uploading seems to be a compulsion for him. All in all, he likely has over 70,000 videos across an unknown number of accounts. His audience, on the other hand, is extremely small if not nonexistent. Most of his videos have small view counts that rarely reach above double digits. He has about 160 subscribers as of November, 2015. His other channels are about equally as popular. On April 7, 2014, Aaron announced that he had uploaded 17,720 videos.[58] By November 8, 2015, he had 55,952 videos, meaning that between those two dates, he uploaded 38,232 new videos, an average of 66 per day, every day.[59] Aaron could possibly be the most prolific human YouTube uploader; the only channels that have been found to have more videos than him are bot channels which upload videos automatically. Aaron became aware of Kiwi Farms in late April of 2016, by which point he had over 61,000 videos. Unlike most people of interest, who become angry when they find their Kiwi Farms threads, Aaron simply confirmed that he did indeed have that many videos and stated that he planned on getting to 91,000 eventually.[60] He also stated that Super Collie, the user who originally started his thread, was a "cyber hacker" responsible for compromising Carrie Law's Facebook account.[61] He didn't seem particularly angry about this, nor did he speak negatively. With this in mind, it is unclear what, if anything, Aaron thinks about his Kiwi Farms thread.

The actual content of Aaron's videos is largely simplistic and repetitive. Many lolcows (such as Kent) are known for repetitive behavior, but Aaron literally films and uploads new versions of the same videos all the time. His videos are always short, usually ranging from anywhere between six seconds and five minutes in length. Aaron seems to make videos vocalizing whatever random thought happens to be on his mind at the time. Many of them are just short clips of him speaking a single sentence (which is often the title of the video). For example, Aaron's video titled "Oh man supergirl looks hot" is simply a four second clip of him saying that exact sentence.[62] He uploaded a follow-up video immediately afterward asking Supergirl to crush him into a ball and bounce him like a basketball.[63] As mentioned above, he has made many videos about his former childhood friend, Carrie Law. Many of these single-sentence videos revolve around her, asking her if she would like to marry him and similar questions. He uploads new versions of these videos practically every single day, for reasons known only to himself. Carrie has not been known to respond to any of these, or have any contact with him whatsoever.

Aaron also has an extensive collection of videos in which he films his radio or television as he listens to music. He enjoys Christian gospel music, and his favorite radio station is K-LOVE. He also likes listening to "Delilah," a relationship and pseudo-religious evening counseling show that plays soft adult contemporary music. He has attempted to call into the show at least ten times, but is never known to have actually gotten through.[64]

Aside from this, Aaron also has longer videos in which he mostly divulges information about his life and history (which is where the majority of the information on this page comes from). Like the ones mentioned above, he uploads multiple versions of the same videos, all with the same titles. He has a multitude of videos entitled "special needs news" "autism news" and "about special needs" in which he lists the various conditions that he has been diagnosed with. These videos are frequently near identical with the others in their namesake. In the "about special needs" and "special needs news" videos, he frequently makes mention of his bipolar disorder, scoliosis, lockjaw and learning disabilities, usually in that order.

He occasionally tries to foray into political commentary such as when he commended Texas Governor Greg Abbot for opposing taking in Syrian refugees.[65] It is extremely unlikely that he forms these opinions on his own given his intellectual disabilities. He is likely parroting back the views of his grandparents or pundits on television. Aaron dislikes Donald Trump, and believes him to be "a complete and arrogant jerk." If Aaron became president, he says, he would slaughter Trump "for starting those fights" (presumably referring to the riots in Chicago earlier in the year). Oddly enough, he would still deport Muslims from the United States, but he would allow more Irish immigrants to take their place.[66] Aaron's grandfather is a Trump supporter, but Aaron believes that Trump would turn America into a communist country. He advises viewers to vote for Ted Cruz instead.[67] He is subscribed to Bernie Sanders on YouTube, but does not appear to support him in any way. Ted Cruz dropped out of the Presidential race on May 3, 2016. It is unknown what Aaron's reaction was, or if he even knows about it. Also unknown is what his reaction was when Trump was later elected President.

If Aaron were President, he would "feed the babies to the lions."

As is a common trait among people with autism, Aaron lacks a social filter, as he uploaded a video seemingly for no reason in which he freely admitted that he still had not learned to wipe himself by seventh grade. His other vlogs are a bit more unusual in nature. On one occasion, he asked for photographic proof of the existence of Santa Claus.[68] He later uploaded another video speaking directly to Santa himself, asking him to prove his existence by waking him up and taking him for a ride in his sleigh.[69] In another, the usually benign Aaron informs his audience of what sort of action he'd take if he were president. Among his policies are making everybody except himself a slave, turning the country over to North Korea, setting every house in Hawaii on fire, and feeding babies to lions.[70] On occasion, he uploads covers to childrens' show theme songs, such as Pokémon[71] and Barney the Dinosaur,[72] which always sound awkward and off-key. Most bizarre is Aaron's apparent obsession with a particular clip of news footage from September 11, 2001. He has made several "tributes" to 9/11, which consist of him filming news coverage on his television (always the same clip) set to wildly inappropriate music such as the KidzBop cover of "I Want Candy" and the Ghostbusters theme (both in the same video),[73] "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's,[74] and "Sing to the King" by the Cool Spring Kids.[75] Aaron does address the audience, and implores them to subscribe, rate, and comment on his videos (people very rarely do), ending most of them with the phrase, "please subscribe" (which sounds like "please susscribe" due to a possible speech impediment). Seeing as how his videos get few views, it is unknown who his intended audience is, or if he even realizes that nobody watches his content.

In early January of 2016, Aaron stopped uploading videos. Initially, it was uncertain as to why. However, details soon began to come to light. Apparently, Aaron had his computer and tablet taken away over the Carrie Law account mentioned above. Most of Aaron's videos containing the words "Carrie Law" in the title have since been deleted (though, the ones with just "Carrie" still remain as of January 12, 2016).[76] In a conversation between "Carrie" and Aaron's sister Sarah, Sarah fears that Aaron may become violent if his internet access is restricted and expresses concern for the safety of their grandmother. According to Sarah, medical professionals have advised the McCluske grandparents to contact police if Aaron becomes violent, and police have apparently been called in the past.[77] With Aaron's myriad of problems, it remains to be seen how this will end up playing out. Aaron got his computer back on January 13, 2016 and seemed to resume business as usual. In early February, 2016, Aaron stopped uploading videos of himself. He continued to film his radio and television, however. Later in the month, he began uploading his usual videos again with no explanation for why he stopped for a couple weeks.

On 6 March 2016, he subscribed to sixteen channels called "Katie Ward" or "Katie W" and inexplicably to one called "Robert Ward".

2016 Hacking

On May 1, 2016, Aaron began uploading videos directed at several users of Kiwi Farms. The first one, a short slideshow entitled "people i hate" featured the avatars of several users who had posted in the thread recently.[78] After an additional user jokingly complained about his exclusion, another video was uploaded featuring that user's avatar.[79] This was followed by a strange livestream which featured a countdown set to various pieces of music. Through the chat window, it quickly became apparent that Aaron was no longer in control of the channel.

The videos were later taken down the same day. Aaron regained his channel after correspondence with Super Collie, the user who'd originally started his thread. However, he quickly lost it yet again, prompting him to abandon it altogether for a new one. Unfortunately, this one was quickly taken over as well by the same people.

The perpetrator of the hackings remains unknown, but the prime suspect is a person calling himself "Oats." This was seen to be in very bad form by users of Kiwi Farms, both because it impeded Aaron's delivery of content and because hacking someone who is literally within the threshold of mental retardation is generally seen as low-effort. Regardless, Oats appeared to be very proud of his "victory," as evidenced by the fact that he later showed up on Kiwi Farms to gloat. A thread on Oats was created, but was quickly locked due to a lack of content.

Oats later uploaded a video to his own channel where he stated that Aaron had been "hacked" simply by someone posing as Carrie Law and asking for his password.

Subsequent Events

Following the hacking, Aaron had his YouTube privileges revoked.[80] While he uploaded a few videos every so often, such as one where he was drinking a diet coke,[81] the near constant stream of content that he had been producing before had stopped. During the aforementioned diet coke video, Aaron noticeably kept looking over his shoulder, likely to make sure he didn't get caught filming.


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