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ADF has shifted his views on his own sexuality several times through the years, sometimes in drastic ways. Other aspects of his interests, such as bondage, have waxed and waned in importance but have otherwise been stable interests. ADF has also pursued several "relationships".


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ADF/BSDM, c. 2007

ADF apparently regarded himself as bisexual from around 2002.[1] He came out as gay in a DeviantArt journal post of 13th December 2007.[2] He came out to this mother in March 2008 by writing her a letter, after the failure of his plan to gently make her realise through leaving yaoi fanart, bondage apparel, etc. around the house.[3] He feared his mother, being a Christian, would take the news poorly and disown him, but he vowed:

I WILL NOT LET IT HAPPEN AND NOT WITHOUT A DAMN FIGHT IF IT COMES TO THAT!!! I don't care if she calls the cops on me and I'm dragged out of my own home in handcuffs![4]

Fortunately for her safety, his mother appeared to take the news well.[5] The letter he wrote to her has unfortunately been lost to posterity: a later reference to it[6] implied that it contained a list of conditions ADF required his mother to comply with for him to feel truly accepted by her.

On 7th December 2008 ADF claimed that Kourine had been his girlfriend at some indeterminate point, and it was her who made him realise he was uninterested sexually in women. This actually doesn't seem to have been intended as an indirect insult.[7]

After coming out as Transgender and ending one particular "relationship", ADF announced that his sexual interest in men was over and that he was a "Female Lesbian Trapped in a Male's Body". [8] Despite this, he later dated a transmen, as well as transwomen, also showing interest for qenderqueer individuals.

Kink and BDSM

Starting in the DeviantArt period ADF showed a strong fixation with BDSM: he owned several items of bondage gear, and he caused his associates great vexation by regularly wearing them in public.

Love and Relationships

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