ADF and Education

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Early Years

ADF's parents attempt to toilet train him at 2, but apparently met with failure. He was successfully potty trained early in 1989 at age 4.

In 1988, ADF received his first diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome and "emotional disturbance". All accounts mark Aspergers as an accurate diagnosis, but ADF goes through periods where he rejects this. (As of 2016 has embraced it again.) In September began to attend preschool at Woodbury Heights Grammar School, and was placed special ed classes, apparently described as having "no interest in peers".

Elementary school began in 1991, where he attended Parkview Elementary School in Westville, New Jersey. Partway through the school year he was expelled due to "repeated fighting and trashing of the classroom". He finished Kindergarten with a home tutor by June 1992.

From 1992 to 2000, ADF was enrolled at Durand Academy, a special needs school for people with Autism and other developmental disorders. It is possible he was a boarding student. He also took Catholic Catechism classes in 1994-1995 at St. Matthew's School, National Park, New Jersey.

College Life

ADF enrolled at Gloucester County College, New Jersey, sometime in 2005. He majored in Computer Graphics.

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