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Blake Good
Age 30
Born April 14, 1988
Residence United States
Occupation Unemployed
Web Presences YouTube
Facebook (Deleted)

Blake Good, also known as 03bgood or UltraMario256, is a weeaboo, cartoonsperg, and Nintendo fanboy. He is infamous on the IGN Boards and YouTube for being a massive sperg. He is known to get into flame wars frequently. This, coupled with the fact that he is quick to antagonize people, results in him being hated in any community he has joined. He is very easily provoked, resulting in him being trolled frequently.

IGN Boards

03bgood's internet presence dates back to March 13, 2005, when he joined the IGN Boards as UltraMario256. Since joining the boards, he has gotten banned many times for his terrible conduct. Despite being banned various times over the course of 10 years, and openly complaining about the moderators and the boards themselves, [1] he continues to use them as of 2015. He almost exclusively participates in discussions about Nintendo. Ever since Nintendo released the Virtual Console , he began to focus most of his posts on the platform, usually complaining about it.[2]

Needless to say, 03bgood isn't very popular among users of the IGN Boards. He did however get some recognition for coming close to guessing the names of the then-newest Pokemon games.[3] After his 15 minutes of fame expired, he faded back into obscurity. After going on hiatus for a few months (with his last post being made on September 18, 2015), 03bgood was banned from IGN again on December 23, 2015, this time blaming it on a server glitch.[4] On December 28, 2015, 03bgood revealed that he may have been permanently banned.[5] After resolving the "server glitch," 03bgood was reported by someone only known as Adam for insulting other users. Despite this, 03bgood claims that he had done nothing wrong and blamed IGN for the ban.


03bgood joined YouTube on February 10, 2007. He started out by uploading video game music, but by 2008, his style changed. He uploaded his first rant video, a video of him sperging about Disaster Movie, on July 5, 2008.[6] The cringeworthy video was met with a lot of negative feedback, and 03bgood is still responding to negative comments on the video to this day. From then on, 03bgood uploaded more rant videos, commentaries, and occasionally some more video game music. 03bgood frequently deletes his videos, or has them removed. Luckily, many have been archived.[7]

The Power of Four

03bgood is a good example of a cartoonsperg. He is obsessed with cartoons such as The Powerpuff Girls and Doraemon, and wrote a long rant about his hatred of the cartoon The Oblongs.[8] His obsession with cartoons lead him to fellow cartoonsperg TheMysteriousMrEnter, a cartoon reviewer who happened to be working on a cartoon project. Inspired by this, he came up with his own cartoon idea known as The Power of Four.

He revealed the project in a video on September 19, 2014.[9] In it, he describes the show as "The Powerpuff Girls meets Multiplicity." He summarizes the show's plot, which clearly rips off The Powerpuff Girls. After this, he shows off his concept character designs, all of which are taken from other artists. Throughout the video, he asks for people to aid him as writers and animators. In the description, he claims to have been trying to pitch the idea to television networks since 2012. He uploaded a follow-up video on May 10, 2015.[10] Again, he begs for writers and animators, this time hoping to gain staff through his uncle having "connections." Seeing as he hasn't mentioned the show since, he has likely forgotten about it.


As previously mentioned, 03bgood is frequently targeted by trolls. Few of his "trolls" aren't actually trolls, with most of them merely poking fun at him. One of his main trolls is Clay Claymore, or as 03bgood calls him, Gay Gaywhore.[11] Clay Claymore has done various commentaries on 03bgood and his shenanigans, resulting in 03bgood constantly lashing out at him. Another one of 03bgood's prominent trolls is JesusWithBazookas79. At first, 03bgood hated JWB79 for not respecting his opinions.[12] Eventually, the two became complete enemies after JWB79 released a slew of videos mocking 03bgood. This all culminated into 03bgood making a video calling JWB79 out.[note 1] 03bgood said that JWB79 had no right to criticize him, mainly because he has autism. 03bgood oddly tried to put him down by saying that he hopes that JWB79 has a kid with autism. He ends the video by threatening him, mentioning that he had tried and failed to report him.

03bgood got into a flame war with user l3awl3ag, another one of 03bgood's trolls. 03bgood responded by making a video reading out the flame war and whine-yelling about the incident.[13] He later removed the video. He got into another feud with user Simeon Jackman-Smith. Simeon Jackman-Smith made a rant video about 03bgood, criticizing him for his treatment of fellow YouTubers and for constantly pulling the Autism card.[14] 03bgood responded with a commentary.[15] The commentary is very melodramatic, with him asking "Is there any good left in this country?" only because of his detractors. He takes the video very personally, even stopping mid-video to rant about all of his problems in life. The video stretches for over 9 minutes. 03bgood eventually removed the video. As he later remarked in the comments of the mirror, "Oh my God, I can't believe I made this horrible video!"


  1. The video can only be found in "The 03bgood Lost Videos Compilation."